Benefits Of Giving Up Gaming Essay

Benefits Of Giving Up Gaming Essay

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1. Decide on a change that you would like to make on yourself eg. – get married, change job, work harder, join a keep fit class etc.
Fill in a change management form for yourself only Write down what change you would like to make on the top of your form and list the advantages and disadvantages of changing and not changing. (20 marks)

If I were to make a change to myself, I would encourage myself to give up gaming. This would including video game consoles such as PS4 or Xbox and PC games as well.

Change Management Form
Advantages Disadvantages
Giving up video games
(Change) Rewards
• Better moods/emotions throughout the day. If things are not “going your way” whilst engaging in the game then you’re more likely to create a bad vibe with the people around you.
• Giving up gaming can be a guide to becoming more productive in the day. There is more time to become more social with friends or having more time to complete university work.
• It can have an effect towards improving my health. By quitting video games I tend to avoid slouching and also giving up means I can lose weight because whilst you’re playing video games you aren’t engaging in any activity.
• Spending less money. Video games require membership fees so I won’t have to pay for that or any games so you save less money. Risks
• There’s a possibility that I can experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability or depressions.
• Worst case scenarios might have to lead to medication having to be taken which may not be safe for me.
• The feeling or “excitement” you would get whilst gaming wouldn’t occur anymore which can be a way of stress relief.
• There’s a possibility of losing the social connection that is made from gaming. When I stop gaming, it’s the equiv...

... middle of paper ...

...ts who are struggling or may benefit more from high repetition questions would not benefit from this.
• This could lead to poorer marks from

Change Management Form (Module Leader)
Advantages Disadvantages
More tutorial sheets/questions
(Change) Rewards
• This could be a way of keeping a class busy with marginal effort by the teacher.
• More students will grasp the concept better hence better grades.
• More time would have to be spent trying to come up with the additional questions
• More time having to be spent grading each students work

No additional tutorial sheets/questions
(No Change) Mermaids
• More time can be designated elsewhere such as preparing for the next lecture etc...
• Students may attempt questions at home but still not grasp the concept hence more students may come at inconvenient times asking for help from the teacher

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