Benefits Of Genetically Modified Plants Essay examples

Benefits Of Genetically Modified Plants Essay examples

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Genetically modified plants are under much speculation from scientists and the general populus. People around the world are scared of the effects these modified plants could have. Scientists try to point out the potential for drastic consequences because of genetically modified plants. Opponents of genetically modified crops are fearful because this process is new to them, it is not a natural process to them, there are consequences from the crops, and that since these modified crops can self-replicate, the potential for a catastrophic species to break out and expand will always be there. Opponents of genetically modified crops also perceive these crops as unhealthy and it is better off switching to organic foods. Organic foods versus non-organic foods is a debate unto itself, but genetically modified crops are not really unhealthy. In fact many of them prevent diseases or provide supplements that benefit mankind more than the original “organic” crop. Though we should monitor and be careful with this newfound technology it is a resource we can use. Many of the problems opponents of GMOs bring up however are based solely off emotional or political beliefs and have no factual backing. These arguments are stalling the research of scientists in the field and prevent this resource from actually being advanced and used. Surprisingly genetically modified crops yield a high amount of benefits and are not as unhealthy or dangerous to anyone as some critics might make them sound to be.
The main reason why people criticize and are fearful of genetically modified crops is that to them it is the unknown. The field is new to them so they do not want to head into it blind. “We have not had genetically modified crops before, so we have no idea wh...

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...ennessee State University, states that “What 's going on is natural selection. Weeds were resistant before GMOs. The best way around this is to use different weed killers instead of the same one all the time” (Koba, Superweeds). Itzick Vatnick, a professor at Widener University, states that “With the introduction of GMOs engineered to resist glyphosate in the mid-1990s, genetic resistance of many weeds to it rose dramatically” (Koba, Superweeds). GMOs being the cause is not clear but many farmers agree that the new GMO seeds have helped them a lot and given them more free time since they do not have to spray pesticide on their crops anymore. Though GMOs may or may not be the cause of these superweeds, they are still a problem. Having caused over one billion dollars in damage something has to be done. Just banning the use of GMOs though is probably not the best option

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