Benefits Of Genetically Modified Humans Essay

Benefits Of Genetically Modified Humans Essay

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The Gene of Dilemma
For thousands of years humans have been genetically modifying organisms through means of selective breeding. In 1973 the first genetic modification by way of transfer from one organism to another occurred. Now with the advance of CRISPR technologies man has the capability to alter genetic traits in humans before they are born. With the advent of genome modification man has created the scientific foundation to dissolve disease, prevent sickness and increase positive traits such as intelligence, physical capability and attractiveness. However great the benefits of genetically modified humans the negative effects are not negligible and should be prevented.
Wealth disparity in the world is increasing at an exponential rate. As a majority of wealthy individuals are born into money it stands that this disparity will only increase. Because genetic selection of preferable traits is now within the realm of possibility, reason dictates it will be an option only for those with adequate monetary funds. Although, as with any technology, the cost genetic modification of humans is sure to decrease with the market’s saturation. Regardless, the short timespan between the availability of genetic alteration of humans and mass availability will prove to have rampant effect on the wealth gap creating an extreme social order. When the rich can decide the levels of intelligence, physical strength, and attractiveness for their offspring the result will be an unsurmountable advantage compared to the “natural” man. Currently those who are born into the wealth advantage see the benefits culminate drastically faster than the average as shown in Thomas’ journal submission, “more often they are better positioned to take advantage of home...

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...e and communication between cells. The staple way that Geneticists have to inject altered D.N.A into cells is through the use of modified retroviruses. Retroviruses, such as HIV copy D.N.A into the host cells “reprogramming” the host cell to now reproduce as HIV. This high-jacking of the host cell is unpredictable and unsafe. In order to prevent a wild epidemic of possible mutations because of an inability to contain retroviruses, it is important to not use uncontrollable methods of delivery in medicine.
For centuries, humans have been piqued with curiosity, constantly observing and experimenting. In many instances this curiosity has benefited the species, be that as it may the advancement of genealogical technology has placed undue stressors upon man that should be cast away in favor of nature’s way. Genetic manipulation is dangerous. It is wrong. It must stop.

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