Essay on Benefits of Genetically Engineered Food

Essay on Benefits of Genetically Engineered Food

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The scientific breakthrough of genetic engineering can completely alter human history. Genetic engineering, also known as genetic modification, transforms genetic material in living organisms in order to produce desirable traits. Although the manipulation of genetic material in food seems uncommon, over majority of food contain ingredients that were genetically altered. The entire world’s food supply can potentially be modified to produce more desirable traits in both plants and animals. There are absolutely zero negative health risks associated with genetically modified food and numerous researches conducted before releasing a genetically modified food to the public. Food that has been genetically modified provides various benefits. Genetic engineered food, both plants and animals, should be encouraged in order to advance in food production across the world.
The practice of using genetics to produce more desirable food is older than the discovery of genetic material. The first humans who saved seeds from plants with the best characteristics in order to have more successful crops the next year practiced selective breeding. Selective breeding is the simple process of breeding the most favorable animals or plants in order to get desirable traits in the offspring. Choosing the best pigs, goats, or cattle to be parents is another form of selective breeding used by early humans. This process was used successfully in agriculture and animal husbandry before recorded history (Rhines). Centuries later, an Austrian monk and scientist named Gregor Mendel discovered how traits could be passed on from parents to offspring by crossbreeding pea plants. He believed that these traits were passed on as physical units, called genes. Through sever...

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