Benefits Of Flexible Work Practices Essay

Benefits Of Flexible Work Practices Essay

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1. Employers should provide a flexible working environment for their employees. Certain employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements. Employers can only refuse these requests on reasonable business grounds.A flexible workplace is one where employers and employees work together to decide on working arrangements such as hours of work, work location and the way work is carried out. It means thinking creatively about how working lives can be planned to match individual and business needs.

Benefits of flexible work practices

Flexible workplaces can help you and your employees improve the way your workplace operates. Creating a flexible workplace is good for business and has a number of advantages:

improves your ability to attract and retain skilled and motivated employees
recognition as an 'employer of choice ' with a competitive edge in recruiting
creating greater staff loyalty and higher return on training investment
increased trust and respect
reduced stress levels and improved morale and commitment
reduced absenteeism and staff turnover
increased management skills and finding creative ways to work
improved productivity
potential for improved occupational health and safety records
assisting compliance with anti-discrimination and workplace relations laws.
With Australia 's ageing population and changing labour market, taking on a flexible approach to work will help attract a diverse workforce including people with disability.

Steps to introducing flexible work practices

Introducing flexible work practices may at first appear difficult. But with some planning, a little consideration and a willingness to try something new it 's simple.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or involve big changes to the way you al...

... middle of paper ...

...means you can track progress and make changes as needed.

Plan to evaluate the flexible work practices on a regular basis, by:

setting up a confidential feedback process for your employee and co-workers to evaluate the arrangements and their supervisor’s ability to manage flexibility
assessing specific flexibility training needs for all employees
surveying stakeholders to determine their perception of the impact flexible work practices are having
checking that individual and team performance measures and objectives have been achieved.
Using the information you received through the evaluation, look at the overall strengths and weaknesses of the flexibility practices and put in place strategies in response. A possible strategy may be to provide additional training or resources for your employees, co-workers or supervisors to better facilitate the working arrangements.

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