Benefits Of Eating Organically As A Woman Enters The Grocery Essay

Benefits Of Eating Organically As A Woman Enters The Grocery Essay

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Benefits of Eating Organically

A woman enters the grocery to do her weekly shopping. Her name is Alice and she lives with her husband and 2 children. She turns to the produce section and is checking the prices on fruit. Upon arriving at the store, she picks up one apple that is $1.39 a pound and then another apple that is $2.39. There were no differences between the apples. They were both red, medium sized and shinny. So she was thinking about why one was a dollar more than the other, she looked at one of the labels and it said 100% organic. There were no noticeable differences between them so Alice put down the organic apple and bought the non-organic ones.
Most people are like women in the scenario, they look at the price difference of organic products, instead of researching the benefits. There are many benefits to eating organic food and most people are unaware of them. Some benefits are the labels displaying nutritional information, the lack of chemicals and hormones. The reduced amount of biological contaminates in organic food is also an advantage. There are disadvantages about eating organically which include, the cost, the amount of food produced on an organic farm. The main argument consumers have against buying organic food is the cost but there are alternate ways to reduce the costs.
Organic food is the process it takes to cultivate the produce. Organic farmers do not use pesticides or chemicals to grow their produce, but use natural pesticides. Crop rotation and mulch and also used to limit the amount of weeds. There are strict guidelines a farm needs to meet in order to be certified as organic (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Single organic food have a seal and say 100% organic on the label. A label that simply ...

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...tweighs the inflated costs.
Although eating organically is more expensive and there a few health risks, the health benefits balance out the disadvantages. The benefits of organic farming are important to the environment. Organic food is the way the farmer grows the crops. Organic farming have USDA regulation that they have to meet and they are other labels for organic farming. There are many health benefits including the reduce risk of hormones and sex steroids. There are also a decrease in the use of antibiotics and chemical contaminates. The decrease in biological contaminates like E. coli and manure are also advantages. The disadvantages include the costs and the small amount of food produced. Buying organically food has many health benefits and it benefits the environment. Buying some food organically would be nutritionally beneficial to Alice and her family.

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