Essay about Benefits Of Cutting Physical Education

Essay about Benefits Of Cutting Physical Education

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Did you know there is an easy way you can beat stress, lift your mood, fight memory loss, sharpen your intellect, and function better than ever simply by raising your heart rate and breaking a sweat? All throughout our lives we believed the complete opposite, assuming that cutting physical education in accommodation for more study time in science, math and English. As a student growing up we would be considered lucky if we have gym twice a week, and DPA every other day for 20 minutes when there was extra time. If you were one of those students that liked physical education from the beginning you would have to join a team and make the cut. This is going to become a massive problem for our nation if this continues because, statistics show that children who exercise regularly are more likely to do the same as adults. Kids these days spend on an average of 5.5 hours a day in front of some sort of screen, they are hardwired to be less active and they follow this routine on a regular bases. At the end of the day, only so many hours of studying with get you so far, after a certain point your brain just cannot obtain anymore information. In reality, “Cutting gym class and allocating more time to math, science and reading did not improve test scored”, studies from Virginia Tech says. (page 19)
Lawler’s Zero Hour PE started at Naperville Central High School where they had students come in before first period to workout and elevate their heart beat close to its maximum. The objective of “Zero Hour PE” is to figure out whether working out before classes give students an advantage in the subjects and reading abilities. There is evidence that physical activity sparks biological changed and creates brain cells. As a student I st...

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...Hoe do you do that? you forget that you’re shy, and you just explain it”(page27). Personally I can relate to this because growing up we didn’t do much in gym but I was naturally good at the activities I play. Lets not forget I was a shy child growing up but after realizing I was good at sports it boosted my confidence to the point where I was on pretty much every school team there was. This lead me to became a role model, making my coach put me down as the captain for my volleyball team.
To conclude, exercise plays a very important role in our lives and our brains clearly benefits from physical education. Teaching kids to grab a bike rather than the remote control will lead them on a path to happy and successful living. The amount of possible disease that could be prevented is endless and this new approach to PE is an incredible step forward in that direction.

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