The Benefits of Creating School Gardens Essay

The Benefits of Creating School Gardens Essay

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There you are doing another boring school fundraiser, going around selling items to get lame prizes. Wouldn’t you like to ditch the boring fundraiser and do something fun that can teach valuable life lessons? Well, I have an idea for you, why not start a school garden? A school garden would cost money to make and would take a lot of resources to build but it would all be worth it. Fresh food, you know exactly where it has been. Some people think that a school garden would be a wast of valuable resources. But we think it will be great investment for the students and teachers. Processed food you buy and you don't know where it came from. Having a school garden will be beneficial for the following reasons; It is healthier to eat school grown food rather than processed food, it teaches students responsibility, it's teaches people life lessons, and it helps the district save money.

From all the benefits of a school garden, I find it making us healthier the most important by far. Once again, having a school garden would make us a much healthier district. "A lot of children aren't getting the recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables each day", according to the New York City Department of Health (Kohn, Nancy "Green Thumb") A school garden would definitely help the scenario. Some people might say that processed food is easier to get ahold of but fresh food is much better to have even with all the time and effort it takes. The high levels of salt, fat, and sugar in school lunches has contributed to our nationwide childhood obesity issue. (USDA Healthy schools campaign food) We, as a community, need to come together, create a school garden, and conquer the issue of obesity.

A school garden would of course be healthy bu...

... middle of paper ... service and wellness for the school district, says that she is not sure what the cost will be but she is very excited about the idea (Personal interview).

It may seem like a lot of money but when you add in all the other things that we have mentioned we think that having a school garden will be a great investment for the School. Gardening in schools is sweeping the nation. So why don’t we, Valley Center School District, join in on having a school garden. What we have said before is only the beginning of all the possible ways to benefit our district for the better. School gardening is a healthy choice, responsibility is taught, life lessons are learned, and it can save the district money. A school garden is an all around advantage to the school and our health. So why not come together and create a garden? For the school and our health. We're in. Are you?

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