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The Benefits of Cloning Essays

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Technology has developed significantly all around the world in recent years. Cloning is the one part of the developing technology. Having identical twins without being born on the same day is feasible in these days thanks to cloning . Cloning is the procedure to produce copies of DNA piece, cells, or organisms. Almost all people know about Dolly the cloned sheep, but only some people know all the nuances about cloning, contains the fact that scientists have been working on it for more than 100 years. Unlike Hans Dreisch efforts in the 1800’s about cloning a sea urchin, frog egg successfully cloned the first time in 1951. Still, the world had to wait for another 44 years until the first mammal was cloned. When the first cloned mammal was born on 5th July 1996, it was a breathtaking event in the world. It was a sheep named Dolly. Dolly get a world-wide fame in one night and took its place in the front pages of many newspapers and magazines next to celebrities. However, this happy story has a painful ending because Dolly passed away when it was six. Death of Dolly brought about the debates which are discussed about the ethical side of cloning and it became a most controversial issue ever since. It has undeniable advantages to human kind and these benefits without doubt outweigh the small disadvantages. Living things must be cloned in order to cure numerous diseases, save endangered species, and produce healthy and good quality meat.
First of all, diverse diseases which include genetic disorders can be cured with cloning. It will probably make cloning acquire an importance in scientific research. Sci...

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...05), “Jurassic Park” and Woody Allen’s “The Sleepers”, cloning will absolutely serve to the benefits of human kind.

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