Benefits Of Children Becoming Vaccinated Essay

Benefits Of Children Becoming Vaccinated Essay

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Try to imagine a world without vaccines. A thousand years ago the average lifespan estimated in a pre-modern, pre- vaccine era, was around 30 years in all regions of the world, especially because of an extremely high child mortality rate (Life Expectancy). Undoubtedly, vaccines have saved countless amount of lives, not just children, but the question remains, what side effects or drawbacks do vaccines entail? This article published on, Five Important Reasons to Vaccinate your Child, discusses advantages of children becoming vaccinated. A huge anti-vaccination movement started after a study published by Dr. Andrew Wakefield stated that vaccines lead to numerous complications in children including autism, (Wakefield). However, faulty data deemed the experiment inaccurate and The Lancet retracted the article from its website. Dr. Wakefield’s findings may have been recently retracted, but the fear of vaccines has not. In this article, argues that vaccines for young children can save lives, and time and money, ( As the administration overseeing the vaccines, will clearly support the usage of such vaccinations. An author cannot give an unbiased view of its own product, therefore it calls for subpar ethos., as the organization benefiting most from the use of vaccines clearly want vaccinated children. The heavy presence of dense pathos makes up for the lack of information and logos.
A car salesman will usually say that all the cars he or she sells are top notch vehicles and the same goes for any business because a salesman wants to generate profit by selling their goods to a consumer. The vaccination business works no differently, regardless of philosophical belief the ...

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...he paper from turning into a complete disaster. The emotional power of saving a child 's life with a vaccine strengthens any article, especially one about vaccines for children. An anonymous author can create skepticism in a report. For all the reader knows, the author couldbe a young child with zero knowledge of vaccines or the medical profession. Inadequate amount of evidence and logos make this article hard to trust. It may mention the safety of vaccines, but it lacks evidence and merit. This piece is a weak tool of advertisement for vaccines for children, although the extensive use of pathos could persuade people with low media literacy IQ. The anti-vaccine movement would say that this article does not give enough evidence and the lack of an author or a medical expert make the article untrustworthy. Overall, most literate people would not trust this report.

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