Essay on Benefits Of Caffeine, Alertness And Task Performance

Essay on Benefits Of Caffeine, Alertness And Task Performance

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Benefits of Caffeine
Alertness and Task Performance
Researches also show that caffeine helps people to concentrate longer and do better on simple mental or physical task (Klosterman, 2007). Caffeine gives energy boost that helps the person do routine activities, but that same energy makes it harder to settle down and patiently tackle a complex or new mental challenge (Klosterman, 2007).

Mood Enhancer
One study of more than 86 000 female nurses by research of Harvard Medical School looked for a correlation between caffeine consumption and suicide (Klosterman, 2007). Nurses who drank tow or more cups a day were less likely to become depressed enough to commit suicide (Klosterman, 2007). A similar study were conducted with nearly 130 000 men and women found the same results (Klosterman, 2007). The habit of taking time to enjoy any beverage or stopping by a local coffee shop can provide sense of community and help relieve depression. Or perhaps other substances such as sugar may alter other mood-influencing chemicals in the brain. Nevertheless, the ability to fight fatigue for a while might have a ripple effect that improves a person’s mood (Klosterman, 2007).

Caffeine Aids Weight Loss
As stated by Hal Marcovitz (2006), caffeine can help overweight and obese people lose weight by increasing their metabolism. Studies show that caffeine increases the basal metabolic rate by 25 percent. This makes the body more efficient at burning calories and helps a person who is dieting shred pounds. Further more caffeine helps suppress appetite, making the person less likely to snack between meals.

Caffeine for Sports performance
Scientist and sports experts mostly agree that caffeine helps with the endurance sports such as swimming, cyc...

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...offea arabia and Coffea canephora. Researchers in this area of science study life on a molecular scale. Biochemistry investigates the mechanism of caffeine and how it affects and benefits the human body.

Future of Caffeine According to Bennett Alan Weinberg and Bonnie Bealer (2001)
Chemical intoxicants have been widely enjoyed since the remotest prehistoric times. Today, caffeine is the dominant universal drug of human race. Certainly caffeine use has not remained constant, nor can it be absolutely asserted that its use has demonstrated an unbroken increase in every nation in every decade. Yet coffee bean alone has come to an account for a greater share of international trade than any other agricultural commodity and caffeinated beverages have reached every quarter of every country on earth. Selling caffeinated beverages is and is likely to remain a great business.

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