Benefits Of Buying For A New Home Essay

Benefits Of Buying For A New Home Essay

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Investors are much more focused on the types of property they will purchase than end users, if it meets their investment criteria, they will usually buy it. You will not show them every house in town and still not get an offer!

- Unlike the end user who may only be looking for a new home every 3-7 years or longer, active Investors typically will buy multiple properties each year or even per month! If you do a good job for them, they will continue to come back over and over again which means to you a potentially endless commission income stream. In addition, they typically have a significant network of other Investors they could align you with.

- Most Investors will be presenting all cash offers on the properties they are interested in, so any mortgaging issues are not a concern

- You can leverage off of their experience if you want to consider investing for yourself

- Regardless of the economic conditions, successful Real Estate Investors, are busy in each of the four market cycles. Aligning yourself to Investors can provide you with a model that will sustain you during difficult times and provide explosive results during good times.

How Can Real Estate Professionals Prepare to Work with Real Estate Investors?

This is an area where many RE Professionals can use some improvement. Savvy and successful Investors do not have the time or desire to work with anyone who doesn 't understand their business model and in speaking with thousands of Investors coupled with my over 30 years of investment experience, this is a big problem. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare yourself to work with Investors

- Generate a Business Plan that will help create the foundation of your journey. You may want to consider aligning yoursel...

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...nce and guidance in special housing programs (like Section 8)
The potential market price and turn over time on a property after it has been renovated. This is essential because most Investors will work from this number and work backwards to determine their Maximum Allowable Offer (referred to as MAO).
How Do I Meet Real Estate Investors?

- Attend real estate and home shows

- Speak with your Real Estate Broker

- Respond to ads placed by Investors

- Call on all "We Buy Houses" signs

- Attend social and professional business meetings

- Using your local MLS database service, track the people who are buying investment properties and do a search on them and make contact.

- Join local Real Estate Investors Associations and clubs (you can see many options by conducting an internet search) - Join internet social groups

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