Benefits Of Being A Veterinarian Essay

Benefits Of Being A Veterinarian Essay

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Dr. Kenney made it clear that there is always potential for growth and improvement in this field. Depending on where you work, there is potential to move up the corporate ladder, and eventually even own your own practice. She agrees with the technicians that a strong work ethic is the key to moving ahead, along with being able to enjoy people, she thinks, “You really need a great sense of humor, and be able to take everything in stride. Although occasionally pet owners tend to be more in-your-face, the relationships built with these people lasts, and by working hard you prove to your clientele why you’re a skilled vet and they should continue coming to you.” Dr. Kenney also mentioned that there were a couple drawbacks. For starters, school is longer than the average degree, consisting of an undergraduate degree program and then an additional four years of vet school (Steps to Becoming a Veterinarian). This means plenty of student loan debt after your degree is completed. Additionally, after getting a job, the hours are unusual and tend to change frequently. Of course this depends the type of practice you are in, whether you are working emergencies or not, and whether or not your boss is flexible about scheduling.
The benefits however, far outweigh the negatives. For instance, working in the field it is easy to meet incredible people, most of which will share a common passion for animals. If you work hard, the financial side will work itself out and pay a comfortable salary, even increasing over time. All in all, most of it is completely up to you. Depending on where you want to work it’s easy to know what kind of hours to expect and what kind of pay you will receive. This career field is also extremely family friendly and allow...

... middle of paper ... for me. Having sent out and application to my dream school UC Davis, and a far from realistic application to Colorado State University, I will make my ultimate decision with theirs.
In the long run, if neither career path worked out I would love to look into being a law enforcement officer, and ultimately joining the exclusive K9 unit. In general, job openings in the K9 unit are very limited and can only be applied for after 2 to 4 years on the job (K9 Police Officer). However I have always had a desire to be a police officer, and my love of animals has greatly influenced my choice in looking into the K9 unit specifically. Even though this is a desire that has always been on the back burner, it is still something that is much more realistic and attainable. Not to mention, the country will always need cops, particularly because crime will never cease to exist.

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