Essay about Benefits Of Becoming A General Medicine Doctor

Essay about Benefits Of Becoming A General Medicine Doctor

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Many people aren’t sure what they want to focus on during or after medical school. Years ago, doctors would compete with each other when it came to treating patients. Whoever had more knowledge would be considered the better doctor. The present day medical school trains you to know all kinds of medicine, then when you get into your residency, you have the option of focusing on a specialty. You also have the option to continue with general medicine and learn a little bit of all types of illnesses and injuries. Some people pick to focus on one field of medicine, but the benefits of becoming a general medicine doctor are far more rewarding than the benefits that come with being a specialist.
General practitioners, often referred to as GP’s, are students that decide to continue with general medicine. Most general practitioners become family doctors that work in a private practice. Their knowledge is very broad and generalized. GP’s are trained to treat a wide variety of illnesses. They are also trained to pick up on the symptoms that the patient might have missed while explaining their issues. They then take those symptoms and form a diagnosis and offer treatment. If the treatment is above their level of knowledge, they refer the patient to a specialist. According to and, to become a general practitioner, you need a bachelor of science (BS) or a bachelor of arts (BA) in an area that places a strong emphasis on biology, chemistry, or physics. You can also apply to a pre-med program, then you need to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). After you take the MCAT, you need to apply to multiple medical schools, choose one and complete their program. Once medical school has been complet...

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...d, not only about your health but also about other aspects in life, like your family and work. Their concern is what leads to great relationships, which is why GP’s are rated highly by their patients.
Choosing what kind of medicine you want to practice is a very important step in being a good doctor. Most people aren’t sure what they want to do, but they should take some time out of their day to do some research and decide for themselves. While there are many specialties to pick from, it is better to become a general practitioner. GP’s are adaptable, have great leadership skills and a go-getter attitude. A career in general medicine offers a lot of flexibility and variability and it’s great for people who want to build relationships with their patients and seek challenges. In the end, all of the schooling is worth it, especially when you are doing what you love.

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