Essay on Benefits Of Attending College For College

Essay on Benefits Of Attending College For College

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While there are benefits of attending college, there are also significant challenges that affect students. Specifically, high school students can be intimidated with the overall process of going to college. For example, finalizing paperwork, completing financial aid, adjusting to their new environment, and meeting new people can be cumbersome. In addition to these adjustments, students have to deal with the increased costs, which make college more expensive and less affordable. The increase in college expenses is a result of the decline in state appropriations, which affects tuition and other expenses associated with attending college.
The increase in tuition attempts to make up for the reductions in state appropriations. This in turn leaves students and families with increased student loan debt. The lack of funding affects not only the students, but the faculty as well. Due to the lack of funding, many colleges and universities have turned to hiring more adjunct faculty. Unfortunately, students and faculty suffer from the escalated costs of attending college because of lack of funding. Due to rising tuition costs, college graduates leave school with an average of $29,400 in student loan debt.
The student loan debt in the United States has reached an all time high of $1 trillion dollars. Students from low-incomes families, low paying jobs, and non-completers will more than likely not pay their loans. Last year, the student loan default rate was 13.7 percent. Since colleges benefit from the students who make these loans, they are going to have to be more accountable for loan repayment. In addition, universities for-profit benefit from federal aid with only half of their students staying in school one...

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... a college degree. My perspective on the return on investment of a college education is that the possession of a college degree at every level has more benefits. A college graduate has higher earnings, more employability, lower unemployment rates and poverty levels, more exposure culturally, better career choices, and largely, a better quality of life than high school graduates. The value of a college education has grown significantly. The median annual income has increased by $7,000 since 2012. While the median income rose for college graduates; the income for high school graduates decreased. Overall, according to the research a college degree is worth the debt over the course of a lifetime; except when students who drops out and return to school. If they return within a reasonable timeframe, they should be able recoup the costs within their working life.

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