Benefits Of Arts For Children With Disabilities Essay

Benefits Of Arts For Children With Disabilities Essay

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With the new rehabilitation and therapy techniques, the improvement of conditions like physical and mental disadvantages in children are been successfully treated every day. Contributing with this achievement as another decisive factor in the kid’s development, the benefits of arts independently of a simple entertainment activity, have become another useful tool to assist the growing creativity, motor and social skills of children suffering from disabilities. Through the promotion and stimulation of their minds and bodies to create something new, the upgrading and progress of their condition becomes a visible evidence of the experimented recovery, and evolution of difficulties that are common to find between them, such as the struggle to communicate and to comprehend, resulting in the self-isolation of the child. The arts and its related tasks offer for them a diverse form to adapt and enhance their precious qualities, as the bridge to share them with the world. 
Benefits of Arts for Children with Disabilities
About two years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer as a peer tutor, working with a group of children with mental and physical disabilities. The practices of activities related with arts were not only a motivation for them to interact with each other, but also a great way to develop their creativity with new ideas. Arts have been always a great tool to use at the time of communicating ideas, feelings, increasing our skills and stimulating our minds at the same time. For children’s with especial needs this can represent a huge step forward improving their condition, as it can help with motor skills, creativity, and social skills.
When a child’s motor skills are affected by any disabil...

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... patience. Without underestimating the power of the creativity on a child’s life to help its own mind to grow stronger and its body to be more efficient, is important to considerate what the same, can offer to them independently of only the fun.
The children who suffers from a disadvantage also wants to live a normal life, to move and to talk as anybody does. The arts are the perfect tool to accomplish all these goals, providing the wonderful combination of creating and thinking, can open innumerable doors for them. With the time and the practice, even the interaction between them will flow as something natural and comfortable, coming this with an also more open and creative mind. Arts are not only the vehicle the soul can use to communicate its thinking , but also the key to a strongest rehabilitation, full of color, music and dreams.

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