Benefits Of Animals Right And The Consequences Of Hunting Endangered Animals

Benefits Of Animals Right And The Consequences Of Hunting Endangered Animals

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The purpose of the report is to investigate the benefits of animals right and the consequences of hunting endangered animals. The report gives an account of the reasons why tigers are being threatened, some organisations that prevent this and a prediction of what might happened if these animals go extinct. I am interested in this topic because I believe that those animals are important to the Earth’s ecosystem. This report will be focusing on tigers and wolves but there are many endangered animals that do not deserve to be hunted. Some of these animals are hunted only for food or because the are deemed a threat to humans when in reality, the disappearance of these animals could be a danger to the ecosystem.

Tigers that are found in the wild are becoming more and more threatened with extinction, though it is now illegal to kill, sell and trade tigers in most countries, the illegal trading and hunting of these animals are still one of the main reasons that tigers are being threatened with extinction. A tiger’s body parts are believed to have different uses and purposes and are being sold on the market for thens of thousands of dollars. Their body parts, such as their dried organs,ground bones and bone marrow, are believed to increase the vitality,muscle strength and bring other curative powers to those who consume it, and some parts of the tiger are also used as an aphrodisiac. The tigers are first poached, usually in India or Russia, and mostly sent to China but they are also sent other south-east Asian countries. There are currently no research done to see wether the body parts actually give any effect on the person at all, but there are people who truly believe that a tiger’s organs can work as a medicine. In some countries...

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...climate change. Many tropical ecosystems in the the tiger range would collapse without an apex predator.

The first people to be affected by it would be the people who watch and love them, in their habitats. Then would be the scientists, people from around the world. Then would be the animal lovers, not those who have a passion for tigers but just your general animal lover. Wildlife parks in India would start to suffer and zoos would suffer, once protected areas of various countries would no longer require protecting so other flora and fauna would probably suffer. When species become extinct because of man 's incompetent 'care-taking ' of the planet it is saddening. Most of the species ever to live on this earth have died out, that is the way things are, but when we cause it, when an intelligent species of animal causes the destruction of another, it isn’t correct.

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