The Benefits of Animal Zoos

The Benefits of Animal Zoos

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Tigers, lions, giraffes, and other exotic animals are rarely seen in the wild. However the public, without humans and/or animals being harmed at the same time, can see exotic animals when a zoo opens. Zoos for many are a wonderful experience, but to others they see the animals as being treated poorly and not able to roam free. These people do not consider the beneficial sides of zoos. Zoos around the world help species that have been endangered by protecting and caring for them. Otherwise they would have became extinct and killed for their valuable fur or feathers. Zoos were created for a purpose that needed to be filled. If there were no purpose for them they would have not been created. Zoos are needed and if there is a need in this world, the spot will most likely be filled without hesitation. Some zoos were not trained properly and do not treat their animals very well. Some bad zoos do not feed their animals enough and keep them in a confined cage. Although some zoos are harmful for both animals and people, many of them are good zoos and take care of their animals better than most people take care of them selves. It is amazing to be able to see such care and love are associated with zoos. Not only do zoos help the endangered animals they also help people learn to respect such amazing creatures. Zoos are a good attribute to society because they promote education, research, protect, conserve, and outlook.
Zoos are massively valuable to education. Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. Zoos give instruction by teaching about animals and how to care for them as well. Zoos educate the public by showing them the different animals, how they act, how dangerous they are, and how to treat them according to the article “Education – Association of Zoos and Aquariums.” Zoos are an important part of education because without a public zoo some might not know how dangerous some animals are and get killed by them or even unknowingly kill an endangered species. Also without zoos the education on animals study would lack curiosity because of a poor presentation of examples. Children need to see to believe and without that aspect the education towards animals would suffer tremendously. A total of 175 million people have been educated because of zoos. They are educated about wild animals, their related conservation issues, their habitats, and the ways in which they can contribute to their preservation of these animals.

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Without the education from zoos many species might not have been conserved and eventually killed off. Education from available zoos is a very important part in keeping people and animals’ safe. Zoos want to educate every person but they are more focused on the younger crowd to interest them in conservation and to maybe pursue a career to help animals.
Not only are zoos great for education but they are also a help to research. Research extends from education from the curious and sometimes helpful concerned people. Research is an in-depth look into and study of materials and sources in order to establish certain acts and reach answers. According to the article “Research,” written by Jon Clarke, many zoos do not have the resources to fund research. However there are ways, which researchers could offer training to keepers, make them keep records and observations of the behavior and health of animals, changes of the animals in their custody, and lastly in exchange the zoo could offer to let the researchers publish any significant findings that they have come across. With this method many zoos could provide valuable research to know more about a certain species. Research in zoos is a huge helping hand when it comes to caring for animals. With this research, valuable information is acquired and put to use. For example, the researchers could learn how a certain species becomes infected and eventually save the species from that deadly infection. Research from zoos is an excellent way to observe animals and the way they live closely without harming them. Otherwise in the wild both human and animal could be harmed by trying to observe closely. Research from zoos has extended from around the world. With zoos being open many of these precious life’s have been able to been saved. Without such research animals like the bald eagle or even tigers would be extinct.
A common misconception about most zoos is that the animals are treated poorly but actually they are treated very well and pampered in most cases. Zoos protect the animals by keeping their stress levels low by separating the certain animals predator. Also, even the simplest infections can kill an animal, but when they are under supervision of zookeeper illnesses are easily treated to keep the animal alive and well. Keeping endangered animals alive is a must when trying to repopulate them. According to the article “Conservation,” on Caldwell zoo’s website, they protect species that are close to becoming endangered. The zoo protects these animals that would not survive due to humans taking over their land. Without zoos like the Caldwell Zoo many animals would have already been extinct. Protection from zoos is a necessity to keep animals from becoming extinct. They protect the animals from predators and also heartless humans that only kill them for their fur or horns. These animals are able to have longer lives because of the constant and reliable source of food, which in the wild they could starve if they do not catch their prey. This also protects the animals from bad or infected meat as well. Protection is vital to keep endangered species alive. The prolonged life in zoos can be attributed to many factors, the medical treatment available in most zoos, the lack of predators, less stressful living conditions, and a constant reliable food source.
Most people do not realize or understand the impact of zoos on the overall outlook on animals. Zoos create curiosity and fascination for many people. Those people then want to help conserve these elegant animals. When going to a zoo one might see an animal or even a few animals they would have never seen without the zoo itself. Both in the fact of rarity and extinction. Children are usually most affected and impacted by zoos. According to the video “Wild Animals, Zoos, and You,” zoos influence others to help. Zoos present the idea that these exotic animals need to be preserved and kept alive for other generations to see. After watching this heart felt video one might even change their own outlook on how they view zoos. Also according to the article, “Conservation Caring: Measuring the Influence of Zoo Visitors’ Connection to Wildlife on Pro-Conservation Behaviors.” zoos have a massive impact on children age’s five to twelve. The outlook on animals is changed from being something they eat to a beautiful creature that needs to be protected. For some this leads to vegetarianism and sometimes even veganism. Most children love animals so when you put their mind on bigger more exotic animals they want to do any thing to help keep them alive. Endangered animals are very special and need to be treated as so. Outlook plays a role of opinion on an individual by making them see down the road to what could be in the future years.
Since 1500A.D. the world has lost over 784 plant and animal species due to extinction. Reported by the IUCN there are 3136 Species that have either gone extinct or are endangered and on the verge of becoming extinct. Revering to the article “How do Zoos Help Endangered species?” states that many zoos across North America have adopted the Species Survival Plan or SSP. The SSP is simple; the goal is to bread endangered animals effectively so when the population is large enough, the zoos can successfully release them into the wild. Basically the most important and ideological goal for most zoos is to conserve the endangered animals. Zoos have been able to save many endangered species. Conservation was the main reason to have zoos available animals. The human population is growing at such a rapid pace and taking what used to be the animals homes. Without zoos and people concerned with conserving animals, many animals would not exist and many more would become endangered. According to the article, “What Zoos Do,” many zoos today are not just a place to go and see animals but instead are now focusing on research towards animals. The San Diego Zoo recently opened a 22 million dollar facility, which gives scientist and researchers the cutting-edge tools they need, and plenty of space to do extensive work. There are also a lot of project the zoos are doing that most people do not know about. Africans see cheetahs as pest and are killing them off, but the National Zoo in Washington is helping from across the world. They show African farmer that they do not need to kill cheetahs to keep them off their farm. With this type of care and conservation around the world it is possible to keep animals from becoming extinct.
Zoos are a great attribute to both humans and animals because of education, research, protection, conservation, and outlook. Considering both the good and bad zoos are still wonderful parts of society. Most zoos are actually needed to keep certain species alive. Without conservation in mind most people might look at zoos as inhumane, but in fact they are not inhumane because they allow animals to roam free and pamper them before they are successfully released into the wild. Some zoos bread animals through the Species Survival Plan policy so that animals are able to come out of endangerment. Education and outlook are what influence children and adults to help the cause. Without these two starting points for most people many animals would have already became extinct. Zoos not only keep the animals in their zoos alive but they try and conserve the animals around the world as well. All five main attributes are the main reasons why zoos are a wonderful addition to society.

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