Benefits Of Active Gang Members And Youth At Risk For Joining Essay

Benefits Of Active Gang Members And Youth At Risk For Joining Essay

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Before to start to build our expanded model of Homeboy Industries, in order to propose it to currently active gang members and youth at risk for joining, we need to divide our approach between them. Special and different approach need to be implemented for the existence members of gang and the different one for the youth at risk. Consequently,we need to develop our strategies for “coaching” them. For doing so, we will first of all need to answer the key questions, once we will have the answers for them, we will start to build the specific conditions and offers to include in order to incline active gang members and youth at risk for joining us.

1. Why join us?

Homeboy will need to be at the top of their expectations and should be able to provide them with the higher possibilities ' alternative, which will make the lead the members to change their mind and chose to quit the gang and join our organization.

It won 't be the same for them to join Homeboy, compare to their decision to join gang. Because there was involved only one type of decision, while in deciding to join Homeboy, their decision making will be double more complex, as, before joining the Homeboy, the current gang 's members will first need to decide to quit the gang. I imagine in some cases, this can definitely make them free, and even stay in the gang. Also here is involved the “insecurity” and habit reasoning. The fact of knowledge. They know all about their gang, compare to their poor knowledge if there is some, about the Homeboy program. Put in risk their membership in the gang in exchange for something unknown may seem to be mission impossible for them.

It 's like build a house, and than one day leave it and go to the new direction, and start to ...

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...ection” QUOT

They are determined in their decision, it may be very hard to change their mind and to make them join our Org. Compare to the current gang members. Because, they 've already preconstructed a set of reason, why they need to join the gang. In my opinion, it will be much more difficult to convince them, by reason of several factors, one of which is their tremendous age in seek of adventure, and gang membership probably is of an extreme importance for them and seeing by those who wish to join the gang, as an adventure of their life.
“The paradox of youths’ reports of joining gangs in search of protection, coupled with findings that illustrate the increased risk of victimization for gang members after joining, leaves many questions unanswered.” (Melde et al., 2009) I think that a separate study about the youth and gang drop in favor the program like Combo

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