Benefits of Accommodating Each Student's Unique Learning Style Essay

Benefits of Accommodating Each Student's Unique Learning Style Essay

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1.0 Introduction

We are living in a technology-based world. Day by day, the world we live in is developing in various aspects without fail. Along with that, trend in education has been developing to cater for the best of the students. This clearly means that trends in the education system are always changing from time to time. The modernized world has changed people’s perception on how they look at the current trends in education. Speaking about trends, what do we understand about trends? According to Erlendsson (2003) trend in short means ‘a regular change in data over time’.
The essay that I am writing about is ‘Students’ Learning Styles in Classroom’ which speaks on the trends of learning styles and focuses on the usage of learning styles in education nowadays. I am currently teaching Visual Arts for Grade 1 and 2 in school X. I personally have been conducting lessons accommodating to all students’ learning styles. For an example, my lessons will include video, images, explanation and hands on activities. Thus, keeping students engage all throughout the lesson.

2.0 Definition of Learning Styles

Learning styles is a word that can be defined and understood in various ways, thus, resulting in misunderstanding of the term ‘learning styles’. Learning styles can be assumed as the best method of a child to learn. Therefore, many people fail to understand that catering to students learning styles does not necessarily promise it will lead to an effective learning. A handful of people assume that learning style can be easily identified through online test, thus, often takes a student’s learning styles very easily without much effort which results in underachievement.
We often hear people saying; conduct a teaching cater...

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