Benefits Of A Tiered Service System Essays

Benefits Of A Tiered Service System Essays

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To Tier or Not to Tier
To tier or not to tier is a question that many companies have been faced with when considering how to provide customer service to repeat versus one time customers. A “Tiered service system is a concept that understands customer service to be fundamentally inter-related with a customer’s actual or potential value as a consumer.”(Gibson, 2012) I will attempt to explain the reasons not to implement a tiered customer service system, throughout this essay.
Any customer is of value to a business, so why should one be treated differently from another? If I were a business owner I would not create a tiered customer service. First and foremost as a business owner I would value and show appreciation no matter what amount of money a customer spends. In addition, tiered customer service would be difficult for customer service agent’s to handle. Hiring agents and giving them just enough knowledge to work as a tier one service agent, is not fair to the individual. They will work for less pay than a tier two agent until they are chosen to retrain and be promoted to another tier. Through my experience I have seen companies with as many as four levels to their service. Once each tier is exhausted trying to assist a customer, the call is transferred to a supervisor or call center manager. By the time it reaches the CCM, the customer is usually irate.
Subsequently, when considering the customer, we must remember they usually research and are knowledgeable about the product. Therefore, they are familiar with all tips and tricks. The most frustrating issue for a customer is to have to deal with a customer service agent that has little or no knowledge when attempting to solve an issue. In a tiered customer service soluti...

... middle of paper ..., the competencies of a customer service agent is interpersonal communications and problem resolution. When considering interpersonal communications, effectively communicating with the customer through listening and speaking skills are a must. Being able to uncover the customers issue quickly will gain the customers trust and they will be patient with the agent. Lastly, problem resolution begins in the training class. An agent must pay attention to every detail of the information being provided. Knowing company policies and the quickest way to problem solve creates a successful resolution.
Overall, the tiered customer service system will not be successful in providing equal opportunities for all customers, no matter how well the agents are trained. The potential value of the customer is not how much they spend, but how well they speak about the company.

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