Essay on Benefits Of A Substance Abuse Disorder

Essay on Benefits Of A Substance Abuse Disorder

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When I first saw this assignment on the syllabus I wondered what I should do. After several discussions with friends I discovered I had several choices. I could give up caffeine (but none of my friends would be around me), I could give up Facebook, but I don’t think that would bother me in the long run, I could also give up Netflix, but that wouldn’t really bother me either. After much consideration if I wanted an experience that would mimic a substance abuse disorder I had to give up chocolate.
The experiment started off easily enough. I decided to give up chocolate. Luckily enough, I did not have any chocolate in my room to get rid of. I was given a brilliant piece of advice, and that was to find something to replace chocolate with. For the first multiple days I replaced the chocolate with fruit. That worked until I ran out of fruit on day four.
On 9/8, eight days into the project, there was a student organization passing out chocolate in founders’ hall. I had to pass this group three times, and each time I explained that I was doing an abstinence project for this class and it would be fantastic if they would stop shoving the chocolate in my face. I am pleased to say that I said no to the chocolate all three times. Today, 9/9 I knew that as today is an anniversary full of mixed emotions abstinence might be difficult to achieve. It is just past noon and I have made it this far, but I have not left my chocolate free room much. I survived 9/9, and while I stared at my suitemate eating her chocolate cake at dinner today was still better than any other day of this assignment. As of today I think that this experience could continue well beyond the semester, and might help me lose some weight.
Today is 9/15 and this proj...

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...act that I even made the decision to stand there and look at all of my “non options” implies that I was headed towards a “relapse”.
I have been a self-proclaimed “chocoholic” for a long time now, and I wanted to see if this experience would be even slightly similar to a substance or process addiction experience. The first article I came up with said that “Chocolate addicts may be considered to be a parallel with addicts generally, because they differ from controls in craving for chocolate, eating behavior, and psychopathology in respect of eating and affect.” (Tuomisto, 1998, 169) This means that other addictions tend to have more disastrous consequences (loss of family, home, and job) than chocolate might, but because of the processes involved, and chocolate addicts response to chocolate, chocolate can be considered addictive just as alcohol or cigarettes can.

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