Benefits Of A Subsidized Women Shelter For Battered Women And Their Children

Benefits Of A Subsidized Women Shelter For Battered Women And Their Children

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What is the service/activity?
The service I would like to present would be a subsidized women shelter for battered women and their children. This shelter would provide the necessities for these women and their children to get back on their feet. The shelter would provide child care for the women to be able to work, individual and group therapy sessions. There would be access to parenting, budgeting and various “self- improvement” class. The women would have to pay a small fee, based on income- however this money would be for them to help with learning to budget on their own. The women and their children would be in the shelter for 30-90 days (depending on need) in that time we would look for housing. After the women and their children leave the shelter and move in on their own we would meet with them every 6 months for a year, this meeting would be to assess the resources and services provided – do they still meet the need of this family? Do we need to add more resources?
Who is the target group? Who in the community are you trying to benefit?
The target group for this service wo...

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