Benefits Of A Reward For College Students Essay

Benefits Of A Reward For College Students Essay

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Programs such as these in other schools, may be beneficial for student going through mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. However, there could be more of these programs put into place. Ramapo can start to develop more targeted activities to ensure that everyone participates and has a good time doing so. With the creation of these programs, there should also be a reward for going, whether it is winning a prize or receiving points for a reward. The creation of a reward will make more students want to attend the activities and to also participate.
College students are constantly around large numbers of people. Whether it is in class, at a sporting event, or at a club meeting, there is always going to be sicknesses that will be passed from one student to another. However, the issue regarding these sicknesses it that students do not go to seek help. These sicknesses can be both physical and mental sicknesses. In recent studies, researchers are trying to identify the real reason behind why students are not utilizing the facilities and services that their college or university provides them with. Researchers (Fletcher, Bryden, Schneider, Dawson, &Vandermeer, 2007) performed a study and identified self-esteem, grief, chronic headaches/migraines, visual impairments, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, sexual abuse, and sleep disorders were the most commonly found health issues among college students. To determine which students were undergoing which health issue, they provided a questionnaire to each of the students. Researchers concluded that 49% of the students had issues regarding self-esteem, 20% were dealing with grief, 16% had visual impairments or chronic headaches/migraines, and 13% were dealing with obesity (Fletcher ...

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...sibilities. Programs such as this, should target freshmen due to lack of financial knowledge and low net worth. Another problem that affects every college student is poor health. Health is both physical and mental. It ranges from a small cold to serious depression. Mental and physical health are two separate issues, but they can coincide with one another. Solutions to help students with health issues are bettering services provided by the college or university, making the services more known, and creating programs. Programs can teach students how to time manage better which will increase mindfulness, sleep quality, eating habits, physical health, and exercise habits. Ramapo College has the possibility of fixing these issues, if they apply the methods of solution. Solutions to these issues will create a better college atmosphere and help students succeed academically.

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