Benefits Of A Permanent Salary Essay

Benefits Of A Permanent Salary Essay

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The most interesting topic of the semester was about the current situation where colleges hired adjunct professors instead of full-time professors. We grow up learning that in order to receive a stable, reliable, salary one must undergo the process of education. While there are some exceptions to that idea of education, the majority of successful people attend high school and now more than ever, attend college. The reality of this statement is that a permanent salary as a professor is something that tends to occur less frequent. Frequent and stable jobs are both items that does not come around too often. Students go through years of education, piling more college debt than they can ever repay, hoping for a degree in the field we desire most. Jobs are not always permanent. The system of schooling to get a decent job is all messed up because the students have high hopes for something that is unrealistic to attain, yeah most of the students will find jobs after they get out of college but not ones they worked so hard for, studied and payed for. It even takes a while for teachers and professors to be sturdy in their job because they have to complete a probation period before they can even guarantee that they have a position as a teacher or professor. The reason that most schools hire these adjunct professors isn 't because they want new faces and diversity teaching their students per semester, it is simply a cheaper way to hire and pay educators. Adjunct professors/teachers are paid hourly rather than being paid on a full time scheduled salary. It seems like the cheaper the option the better in the case of the educators who are most important in the students lives. All the while tuition, room and board prices continue to increase. Ha...

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...ct working the way they engaged with their enemies was taking a stand, their enemy being the school systems. They were not aggressive but they made sure that they were heard. The movement traveled throughout the streets disrupting neighborhoods and communities. This was an effective way to protest because it 's one that gathers a large group and strengthen the support.
In conclusion, the protest over adjunct professors falls on the spectrum of traditional social movements. As previously mentioned the only exception is when it comes to the organization. As a new and increasing problem organizations relies on networking to form protest such as the “walkout day”. This is an ongoing problem that hopefully is attended to some rather than later. I don’t feel that this will ever become a disruptive movement however, more and more people may chose a different career path.

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