Essay about Benefits Of A Nurse Patient Ratio

Essay about Benefits Of A Nurse Patient Ratio

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Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios
Research has suggested that lowering the nurse-patient ratio will:
o Allow more time per patient day, which leads to lower mortality for patients with acute myocardial infarction (Aiken, Cimiotti, Clarke, Flynn, Seago, Sloane, Smith, & Spetz, 2010).
o Help lower the percentage of nurses burning out as a consequence of having an increased workload (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Decrease the chances of nurses reporting their work environment quality as fair or poor, because of being overwhelmed by increased patient load (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Improve nursing job recruitment (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Improve nursing job retention (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Have a positive impact on the quality of care (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Lessen the chances of nurses reporting that they are unable to detect any threatening changes in their patient’s condition because of having too many patients (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Lessen the chance of nurses receiving verbal abuse by patients and staff (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Reduce the chances of patients and family members complaining that their nurses are not attentive (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Increase the confidence in nurses that their patients can manage their health after discharge. (Aiken et. al, 2010).
o Provide better outcomes for nurses and patients (Aiken et. al, 2010).
My Strategies to Influence Votes
Nurses have and continue to be advocates, influencing changes in the policies and laws that direct the health care system. Nurses become confident advocates by working on strategies that they believe will work, and feel comfortable doing (Abood, 2007). Nurses sometimes do not have a lot of time or resources, but yet can become great advocates, by supporting other fellow nursin...

... middle of paper ...

...en they network with nursing colleagues as previously mentioned, and other supporters as well to build consensus on an important issue (Abood, 2007). When nurses get to negotiate with other professionals builds a trusting relationship with others, this can facilitate the achievement of professional goals (Blais & Hayes, 2010).
Nurses can use expert power, which is to influence the skills or knowledge that another person may need (Abood, 2007). When nurses, share their expert opinion with legislators in the legislative arena, nurses can persuade and educate legislators on the issues that need to be addressed (Abood, 2007). Therefore, using legislative power, nurses can hold legislators accountable for their lack of actions to fulfill needs in health care. Increasing their credentials or participating in research can increase this power for nurses.

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