Essay on Benefits Of A Liberal Arts Education

Essay on Benefits Of A Liberal Arts Education

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The benefits of a liberal arts education are vast, but those benefits can be achieved through other means besides a thorough liberal arts education. Those benefits can be achieved through after school activities that rally for the arts and teach children to be inspired by the beauty of art itself. In the horrible scenario in which a local arts center in an underprivileged community is planned to be shut down do to lack of funding, it is the students from the local college who can truly make a difference in keeping the spirit of the arts alive and make a big enough difference to show to the community, and even the rest of the emergency task force that to shut down the art center would not just hurt the students at the local art center, but the community itself and even future generations. These college students most likely went to this art center as they grew up and can therefore inspire a difference through what they have learned at the art center. They can use their vast polymathic knowledge in a way that will showcase the true importance of the arts and maybe even save what they hold most dear- their local arts center.
The students better than anyone else can showcase how liberal arts can change one’s life. They know from firsthand experience the numerous ways that their lives have been enriched through their education and their involvement in the arts center. These students are aware of the magnitude of which they are being depended upon. At this age range, the students would have already had to go through situations in their life in which their liberal arts experience has been incredibly useful. The students have most likely had to have a job interview and have needed recommendations. Having spent time at the art center and ...

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...had there meant to them. The audience will want to help the arts center continue to help these students and then rally behind them so that the grant can be attained.
These students know how to get things done as polymaths that are well-rounded and well-experienced. They have become this way through the teaching of self-regulation. Through the speech that the students will write and perform, they will be able to achieve what they have stood out to do and they will be able to save their local art center. They will show the audience that the teachings of liberal arts can help to better their underprivileged community and future generations through the students that go there for art camps, theatre classes, and art classes. The audience will never look back in regret once deciding to rally behind the students and the local arts center in order to gain the necessary grant.

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