Benefits Of A Drug Liberalized Country Essay

Benefits Of A Drug Liberalized Country Essay

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The Benefits of a Drug Liberalized Country
It has been fifty years since Nixon declared the ‘War on Drugs ', and the government continues to squander billions of dollars on a failed operation. It is reported that the U.S. Federal government and State and local government has spent more than $40 billion on the War on Drugs -- a rate of $700 per second in 2010 (Miron , 4). An unnecessarily large amount of money is given to government officials and court systems to punish drug users instead of rehabilitating them. The time has come end this ‘War on Drugs’ and instead, start the ‘War on Drug Addictions’ by professionals in the forefront of our drug policies to solve the current drug crises. In order to benefit from drug liberalized government we must allow doctors, social workers, and researchers to decide on the best methods of resolving rates of addiction. Allowing experts to change drug laws will prevent further deficit, and in turn help the country economically. Countries, such as Portugal, have already adopted this ideal method of resolving drug issues and have seen astounding results. As well, if America and Canada decide to take steps towards full drug legalization they could take advantage of the medical benefits of certain drugs, and continue further research. In sum, the legalization of all drugs will greatly benefit the healthcare system and government.
It is undeniable that an excessive amount of money has been spent on prosecuting and punishing drug users. Total expenditure on drug law enforcement by the US has been estimated at over $1 trillion during the last 40 years (The War on Drugs). It’s neighboring country, Canada is spending at about $2 billion a year; the combined value of First Nation health services, vetera...

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...Paperny). The stigma associated with prohibited drugs makes it difficult for researchers and doctors to properly assess its medical benefits, and forces doctors to prescribe unsafe drugs such as Morphine, Xanax, and Oxycontin.
The current drug policies in certain countries are becoming less of a justifiable reason to keep drugs a punishable crime. With the billions of dollars spent on drug prohibition, there seems to be no progress; just a money pit. While countries such as America and Canada are wasting money to punish it’s people, Portugal, The Netherlands, and many different countries are cracking down on the real issue; drug addictions. They see improvements in many aspects, while Canada still continues to haphazardly poison its population with perilous drugs. The sooner the War on Drug Addiction is fought, the sooner the country 's drug crisis will be resolved.

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