Benefits Of A Certified Nurse Aid Essay

Benefits Of A Certified Nurse Aid Essay

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Every profession within the medical field shares the common goal of treating people to extend the quality of their patients’ lives. For as long as I can remember, I have always taken an active interest in improving the health and livelihood of individuals. During my high school and early college career, I focused my studies on the sciences, hoping to explore different professions within the healthcare field. Sifting through the ample career exploration seminars I have attended, has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the physician assistant (PA) role. Having direct patient contact, more responsibility when it comes to a patient’s care plan, and being challenged everyday are key responsibilities that I have been searching for and the physician assistant career provides.

While attending career seminars, partaking in job shadows, volunteering at hospitals and working as a Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) in an assisted living facility, I have personally witnessed a wide variety of opportunities in the medical field. The summation of these experiences has allowed me to gain valuable insight into the different aspects of health care professions working cohesively to help patients. As a result of these opportunities, I know the essential work ethic, communication, and bedside manor characteristics that are necessary to become the respected team member that assists in the betterment and wellness planning for patients. I am convinced this is the career I am destined to pursue.

One PA I had the pleasure of shadowing was Erica Dierker, PA-C of Fox Valley Surgical Associates, located in Appleton, Wisconsin. I was presented with a case where I had the opportunity to remove a patient 's staples from the abdominal region. Although this may...

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...s a valuable component and I am able to respect the other members no matter what level of experience they uphold, ensuring that the patient receives optimal care. Being within the health care system, I have been able to witness teams that do not have respect for each other, which can produce controversy and an uncomfortable work environment.

I understand the physician assistant profession will require hard work, responsibility, honesty, dedication, communication and teamwork. I possess all these qualities and am not afraid of any challenge set before me. As I have grown and matured through high school and my first year of college, I have challenged myself by taking on a rigorous course load and continue to manage a busy schedule-school, sports, and work. I am truly up for this challenge and am looking forward to the opportunity to change lives…one patient at a time.

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