Benefits Of A Business Operation Manager Linda Kujala At The University Of Canberra

Benefits Of A Business Operation Manager Linda Kujala At The University Of Canberra

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On the 16 August 2015, I had the opportunity to meet with the Business Operation Manager Linda Kujala at the University of Canberra, Faculty of Business, Government and Law. This meeting was in regards to my work experience placement which went on well as she was able to explain the task I will be undertaking during my placement at the faculty reception desk with some other staff of the faculty. Some of the duties I will be involved in are as follows: assist during the orientation week from August 3 to 14 from 10am to 4pm, Due to the extreme busy period during this weeks she also ask if I could start early on the 4 to 5 of August from 9am to 5pm. I was also give some reading to doing before starting of the placement. This reading are very important because it relate to the many questions that commencing or current students ask during orientation and enrolment week.

Day 1 (3 August 2015). I arrived at about 10:00am at the Faculty of Business, Government and Law were I met the Business Operation Manager Linda Kujala, who introduce me to staff at the reception desk. I was opportune to meet Katharina and Carolina who are station at the reception desk of the Faculty of Business Government and Law. This two ladies have been work at this faculty for years and have lot of experience in dealing with current students, prospective students, newly enrol domestic and international students from across the world. The second part of the introduction was conducted by Katharina, who took me to the course convenors section for further introduction. I was able to introduce myself briefly to each of them and late taken to the front counter were I will be station with Katharina and Carolina. They took me through the various tasks that I have to do ...

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...wing the course convenors to be able to complete some other task that has to be emails to students who are waiting for a particular information in other for them to commence class.

Day 5 (7 August 2015). The started with helping student to see course convenors in regards to various issues. Most of the common issues are: change of course, cannot find the right unit to enrole in and no study plan received, visa expiring soon needs new study plan and course advice on which major or minor to undertake. In addition, I had the opportunity to file all form received from students in regards to getting credit or approval to continue their degree. I learnt to be able to work under pressure and to also meet deadline ensuring that client of the University of Canberra received the correct information or documentation that will enable them to progress well during their studies.

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