Benefits Of A Bachelor 's Degree Essay

Benefits Of A Bachelor 's Degree Essay

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A Bachelor’s Degree requires several years of undergraduate school to obtain based upon the institute or field of study. In my opinion, not all jobs should require a Bachelor’s Degree because some jobs are common knowledge that are stepping-stones to higher-level jobs. People who acquire these jobs are generally high school students, people who cannot find jobs with their degrees, or people who never went to college who need a job to support themselves. These part-time jobs should prepare people for the real world; understand the worth of money, the responsibility it comes with and set priorities. It is imperative for people to understand the basis of this before entering an institute to get educated for their higher-paying profession.
Minimum wage jobs generally require on- the- spot training, therefor, a Bachelor’s degree is not needed to obtain this job. Jobs at this pay necessitate basic knowledge that one will learn throughout their secondary and high school level courses. According to the Bureau of Labor, Statistics for minimum wage jobs such as a cashier, the educational experience needed is less than high school. For example, when you walk into any local grocery store you may notice several high school or even college level students working just to earn some pocket money or savings. In my opinion, Bachelor’s Degrees are not required for these jobs, they are a good stepping-stone to a full time career.
In addition, without these minimum wage jobs, college students would not be able to pay for their four-year degrees, or even be able to get the necessary things to live. According to CNBC as of 2013, 80 percent of students either pay for their own tuition or help their parents pay. If all jobs required a Bachelors Degree...

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...r that some people are not as academically suited to earn a Bachelor’s Degree They can attend vocational schools instead of a four-year university to learn a trade that can get them a job. If a Bachelor’s Degree were required for people to obtain a job, the unemployment rate would be through the roof, because somebody might be good with his hands but not be able to remember things necessary for school. Just because somebody is academically challenged that does not connote he or she does not deserve the opportunity to obtain a job or enter a career. Students need to be fostered by their mentors, parents, and bosses while learning something from each; that way they can tackle college with prior experience. By this happening, the young generation will be more educated and financially stable to be granted a seat in a university to strive to become an affluent individual.

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