Essay on The Benefits and Rise of Vegetarianism

Essay on The Benefits and Rise of Vegetarianism

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With today’s economy, money and socioeconomic status in America have proved to become a more and more pressing issue. There’s not a day that goes by without each one of us sitting in this very room hearing about the horrible economy that has become a trend. North Carolina’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed from 3.1 (1999) to 8.1 (August 2013). I know you probably hear all the time that this issue is due to the bad economy or even race, but what if I told you that this was not due to the bad economy, but rather due to unhealthy eating habits? Would you believe it? Over the course of this paper I plan to explain to you why this is, and give some tips on how we can turn this problem into a positive light.

Statistics show that more than one third of the US, 39.7% to be exact, are obese. This trend not only causes many health risks, but it can also run families out of house and home. The average American household spends $350 to $800 a month on groceries alone, imagine how much that can add up to each year. Good quality meat is probably the most expensive grocery to buy, and cheap meat...

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