Benefits And Problems Of Disability Essay

Benefits And Problems Of Disability Essay

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When people hear the word “disability” mostly they straightaway think of someone in a wheelchair however disability can be someone who is blind, deaf, someone who has the mental illness, someone with permit illness, people with learning disabilities or people who have brain injuries. This assignment will discuss possible advantage and problems of disability and understand this feature of our lives as entirely social contracted. It will contain more information about types of disabilities and how it changed to social contracted now and before with evidence and references.

In society the concept of disability has changed over the years, in the 17th century disability was seen as a problem, where individuals with disability would be put into a mental healthcare unit where they would not receive the right care they need. However this has changed over the years as now disability is seen as a norm. Furthermore the term disability is used to describe a condition or function where individuals physical impairment, intellectual impairment, cognitive impairment is affected by many different types of chronic disease.
The advantages of disability in some countries such us United Kingdom (UK) are, people with disability have support from the government and also the society. For example children and adults with a disability, disorders can have free professional care assistant who visits them three times a day to help them with their needs. They receive income support, free mobility aid and health care products. They additionally get assistance from society because numerous individuals believe that individuals with disability ought to get assistance from them on the off chance that they truly require it, for instance, getting in the transport ...

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... social model believes that individuals think that individuals with disabilities are not a problem. The social model also believes that because of the money of removing all the barriers the government will rather find cheap things than the best. The social model is a model that promotes independency; the model believes that it allows all to have reasonable levels of holistic life styles without it being substandard or last thought on believes.
Overall the outlook of disability has changed over they years in society, where individuals with disability will now be able to live normal lives such as have acess to education and acess to work. As well as this the government provides legations to help individuals with disability so that they do not get discrimited against. However signs of the medical model are still around as many individuals see disability as a problem.

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