Benefits And Faculty Life And Experience Of Faculty Essay

Benefits And Faculty Life And Experience Of Faculty Essay

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GN: .you play roles several important role but I 'm just on faculty benefits and faculty life and experience of faculty. What would you say is some of the major accomplishments that have been achieved? This is four three and three-three do the people who don 't have tenure and have permanent as long as we need them employment still operating here.

JS: You mean like the professional lecturers term contracts. Yes and I think that that 's a good thing in that it gives college flexibility to hire people who you might not bring on otherwise. Now I think people with credentials in the field. Yeah. So OK there 's a lot that 's up in that question about faculty life. I think three-four for all has improved things. I think the higher teaching associates five courses per semester no expectation of research. I think that has improved things. I think increases in salaries have improved things. I don 't think we had enough improvement in starting salaries. I think we have in my field anyway. We have a hard time recruiting because our starting salaries are so much lower than other colleges but then positions for which people are qualified in the field for example. Director of Special Education. So I think are beginning salaries in my field are way too low. But I I no longer feel under paid you know the longest time all of my colleagues were making so much more money than I was. Colleagues at other colleges people in my neighborhood who are you know going in to teach their second grade and working thirty hours a week and doing the same thing forever. So the discrepancy was huge but there was another discrepancy and I was kept in mind which was I was a hell of a lot happier.

GN: Well I like to get to that later on in this interview here. But...

... middle of paper ... are traditions and our values. So that 's one of the things I don 't know if that’s just are name I would say another has been the relationship with I.B.M. Although I think that there is less of that but a couple a couple years ago that was in my field teacher education moved to try to do a lot with simulations. Their avatars and at that time I was working with people like Embry Riddle and they knew of Marist. I think maybe there 's less of that now. I would say another thing in terms of local community you ask about globally but people do know that adults can get education here at Marist there are graduate programs that we serve the needs of working adults That 's know to.

GN: Dennis has a view that the online Education is more for the graduate student and he 'd rather have as many as possible on campus for the undergraduate class would you be of that mind to.

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