Benefits And Blunders Of The Biological Model Essay

Benefits And Blunders Of The Biological Model Essay

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Benefits and Blunders of the Biological Model
Due to strong roots in genetic studies and neurobiological research, the biological method of treating mental disorders has become increasingly more effective in recent decades. Psychologists using the biological model work with concrete causes of the disorders, whether this be an inherited trait or an imbalance in brain chemistry. By utilizing the physical causes of these disorders, researchers can target and eradicate the symptoms more efficiently. Unfortunately, the use of the biological model on its own can lead to neglect of other possible causes. This disregard for cognitive and behavioral causes and treatments could resign patients to an unfulfilling line of treatments, and more trouble in the future. Also, the biological model on its own also tends to be too general to be advantageous for every single person. Despite its faults, the biological model in conjunction with other treatment models can be shown to be a powerful tool in the treatment of mental disorders.
The Biological model can house many weaknesses within its parameters, particularly in respect to its effects on patients. The model can often be ambiguous and rather unhelpful in diagnosing and treating all types of patients. Dosage of medication oftentimes follows a rough outline of “guess and check” which can lead to elongated impairment of the the patient. The model also uses general ideations of brain chemistry to make informed judgements about individual patients, which can lead to a stunting lack of individualization that patients could benefit from. In using the Biological Model alone, other plausible causes may be disregarded, leaving the patient with an incomplete treatment plan and a decreased chance at impro...

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... Biological model with an addition or, even better yet, two might help to address the root causes of a patient’s disorder as well as create the best possible treatment plan for their individual needs.
The Biological model can be seen to have detrimental weaknesses including malevolent side effects, an inaccessibility those with a low socioeconomic status, and a certain element of ambiguity. In spite of its numerous faults, it can be extremely effective when combined with another treatment model. The synthesis of several models can provide a well rounded treatment plan for patients that fills in the gaps the Biological model alone can leave a patient to cope with. In the long run, the use of the Biological model in any respect, but especially in conjunction with the Cognitive and Behavioral models, can help to improve the lives of people living with mental disorders.

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