Essay about Benefits And Benefits Of Telecommuting

Essay about Benefits And Benefits Of Telecommuting

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Telecommuting is seen to be becoming more and more prevalent in today’s workforce. As companies become open to the idea of telecommuting, it has become possible to expand on the number of employees for which telecommuting may be necessary and more practical in terms of working from home, satellite offices, neighbourhood work centres and those who work portably and are not designated to one location. Telecommuting has been seen to have many advantages. Such advantages that have been noted is not having as many distractions, taking out the need to travel for those who are unable to, and also expanding the labor pool in a day and age where employee prospects are shrinking. Although there are noted disadvantages such as employees possibly being sidelined and managers not being able to directly supervise employees, HR managers play a part in ensuring that all the benefits and roles of a telecommuting have been realised.

PARAGRAPH 1 – Definition and Types
Telecommuting is the means in which a professional carries out the work of an organisation, outside the traditional workplace, while still connected to the main office through several forms of communication technology, working either full time or part time (Taskin & Devos 2005). The most well known form of telecommuting is an employee working from his or her own home office. This often means using purchased home-based equipment to communicate with the organisation through telephone, email, fax machines etc. to complete tasks in a domestic environment.

The most commonly seen individuals working from home include mothers with small children and those who may not be able to leave the house due to physical/mental disability. Another type of telecommuting is the use of satel...

... middle of paper ... and to intermittently check up on telecommuters at their workspace (Ramsey 1997). Perhaps most importantly, it is essential to provide guidance, feedback and motivation for the employee daily to certify that their best work is being put forward and that their work doesn’t suffer due to working away from the organisation’s main office. All these steps are easily achievable if HR managers are invested in all the benefits and possibilities teleworking opens up to the company.

In summary, telecommuting has been shown to have its advantages and disadvantages for employees and companies. Although these hindrances can have implications on HR managers, its been shown that if they take the necessary steps, the obstacles of teleworking can be overcome. Through these actions, the pay off of telecommuting and all the possibilities it has to offer can be realised.

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