Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Retention Essay

Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Retention Essay

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variety of motivation mechanism to improve the work-life of employees/workers, such as initiating various reward or compensation systems, in turn boosts the contribution of knowledge in economic growth. However, Zareen, Razzaq and Ramzan (2013) observed that the main way to retain talented employees is to focus and also emphasize on their performance as it brings organisational loyalty, involvement, and contentment. The authors opine that employee retention is the ability of an organisation to retain and keep their competent staff. If organisations are capable of retaining their employees, they will gain higher involvement and motivation follows. Furthermore, the authors also mentioned that employee retention illustrates an important role in enhancing the workers performance and improving the performance of the organization.
Although compensation is considered as a very important it is however not the only factor. Workers still need a comfortable and conducive environment to work. Organisations which acknowledge and recognize these important needs and plan to create a stimulating work environment and a culture of organisational community can achieve various advantages and benefits. The effect on workers could also be based on outcomes of a strong sense of belonging to the organization when they feel valued and appreciated. Employees are not only more effective but also more likely to remain in place. There are many reasons that competent and skilled talented employees leave an organization one of which could be the compensation factor. Kavitha, Geetha and Arunachalam (2011) observed that in various studies, human resources managers have evaluated changes in the expenditure of turnover from 50% to 500% of the annual salaries of emp...

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...l cultural impact on its human resource strategies.
However, Manion (2004) argued that the culture of employee retention within the organisation should provide for an environment where employees are willing and ready to stay. This indicates that they enjoy their work and have good interpersonal relationships with the people they work for and with, and are also ready to make it a comfortable place to work. This is the kind of workplace and work-related environment that people want. It also means to create a culture of people’s engagements and contributions. What’s more, Manion (2004) indicated the adoption of a culture which enables and allows for the achievement of employee retention, organisations need to put their employees first, support them, provide for their needs, be attentive to their issues, recognize their effort and treat them with respect and value them.

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