Benefits And Benefits Of A College Essay

Benefits And Benefits Of A College Essay

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Benefits Verses Cost
At what point do we say enough? Most of us can agree, these days the cost to attend some four-year universities can be extremely overwhelming. What exactly are students paying for anyways? There are many higher education videos and articles available to date in any college library, which ask this exact same question. I believe that if the powers that be cared more about the benefits and quality of higher education than they did about lining their own pockets, the cost of going to college would be considerably more affordable.
The benefits of going to college may outweigh the cost if getting a degree makes students more marketable, secures job placement, and if the future salary is greater in return than the investment of tuition. The benefits of a college experience allow students to grow in both experience and skill. For myself, I can say that I have learned more in the past two months of being in college than I ever knew was possible. My understanding of the things I was capable of has also grown by persevering in difficult assignments, in addition, to such classes as Sales and Negations that have taught me how to persevere with clients or jobs I may not prefer. The benefit of college, is the training received that allows students to be prepared for future positions. Eric Hoover, who wrote “College’s Value Goes Deeper Than the Degree, Graduates Say” quoted one graduate saying “my classes helped me recognize the importance of listening and effective negotiating.” and also stated that the same graduate “figures she wouldn’t have been considered for the job” “without a bachelor’s degree.” He quoted another student saying “If they don’t get that degree” “they’re going know where.” In most cases the colle...

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...nsion of the college or university and what it stands for.
In the end, a college degree is fundamental for a student’s career. Again I ask, at what point do we say enough? For me enough is choosing a community college instead of a four-year university. I chose a community college because the college had a great program specific to my degree as well as how economical it is with my budget. Regardless of the cost, college is necessary in order for a student to increase their quality of life more than he or she had ever
known before. The benefits of higher education versus the cost is worth it, if a student is willing to research and put in the required effort to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the college they choose will offer the most qualify return of investment and assisting in student’s success in his or her future endeavors.

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