The Benefit of Fluoride is Risky

The Benefit of Fluoride is Risky

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People around the world wake up each morning and brush their teeth with toothpaste, not knowing what's in it. Fluoride is being used in thing’s that shouldn't be, like water. Water is H2O that people around the drink constantly. Some drink more than others, like athlete’s, manual laborer’s, diabetic’s, and people with kidney disease which are exposed to more fluoride than other’s (12 Reasons). All the other water treatment chemicals are added to improve the water for safe drinking, but fluoride does not. How are we supposed to control how much fluoride goes into our bodies? It’s impossible to control the dose each person receives because each person drinks different amounts of water. Portland Oregon made a agreeable decision to reject the plan to fluoridate drinking water supplies because fluoride is a hazardous, cancer-causing chemical that should not be added to water supplies that serve an entire city.

People receive fluoride from many other sources besides water. Some food and beverages processed with fluoridated water are; dental products, tea, and coffee (Connett). No study has been shown to require fluoride, it’s not an essential nutrient. There are many studies however, that show that fluoride can interfere with important organs such as the kidney.

Fluoride added in our waters would also add other toxics that we may not know about. “The CDC admits that that 43% of fluoridation chemicals tested from contain arsenic, 2% contain lead and 3% contain copper” (12 Reasons). How is that supposed to help our bodies or decrease tooth decay? Scientist say, that the level of them are too low to do any damage to our bodies. The Environmental Protection Agency however, states that arsenic and lead have increased IQ deficit risks and cancer (12 Reasons).

“In combination with aluminum, fluoride interferes with G-proteins. These interactions give aluminum fluoride complexes the potential to interfere with signals from growth factors, hormones and neurotransmitters” (Connett). biological chemistry may be interfered with. Fluoride was listed as the top 100 chemicals evidently developmental neurotoxicity,which is poison to the nerve cells (Connett).

Fluoride also may damage the brain.. Experiments on animals show that fluoride goes into the in the brain and makes changes in mental behavior (Connett). Rats fed for a year, for a study, with fluoride in their water, had changes in their kidneys and brains (Connett). Animal studies show this but have they done tests on humans to see what it does to them.

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Scientists and dentalists think that fluoride in water has a big impact on the tooth decay.

But the people that want to have fluoridated water have their research done and think its good for the health. On the other hand people that disagree with it say its cancer-causing.

The babies that are getting bottle-fed get the highest doses of fluoride. The infant bodies rely on liquids for their food intakes which makes them be more exposed to fluoride. It was said that there are some major risk factor for the bottle-fed babies and their health. The babies will then have a higher risk to develop dental fluorosis in the future. “Due to their small size, infants receive up to 400% more fluoride, per pound of body weight, than adults consuming the same level of fluoride in water” (Connett). Dentalists advocated that parents with bottle-fed babies not use fluoridated water when making food for them because the dental fluoride risk may do severe damage to them in the future. Then, the many parents of the bottle-fed babies are still unaware of the results the fluoridated water may cause because the dentists did little to get this information to the parents. Fluoridating water however is a serious issue. The thought of bottle-fed children being exposed to too much fluoride is scary.

Since 2002, Texas has been fluoridating their water and “After 9 years and $3 million of adding fluoride, research shows tooth decay hasn't dropped among the poorest of Bexar County's children. It has only increased - up 13 percent this year” (12 Reasons). The children drinking fluoridated water and the averaged being about half a cavity less than the kids drinking unfluoridated water just doesn't work (12 Reasons). It would be much better for the fluoride to be put in as toothpaste instead of water because of the reduced low cavity rate.

The worlds population that fluoridate their water makes a great example why other countries shouldn’t fluoridate their water also. With over 94 percent of the worlds population drinking unfluoridated water and have rejected fluoride in the past makes it makes it look unhealthy for the body (12 Reasons). Portland, Oregon went with it and did not fluoridate their water. Why would the majority of the world drink unfluoridated water and scientist say that its healthy for people? Fluoride is good for your teeth, not the body. When a person gets a large amount of it they can get a disease called dental fluorosis. When it cannot be controlled how much goes into the body, theres no possible way to detect that you have that disease.

Dental fluorosis is caused when you take in too much fluoride when the teeth are developing under the gums (Dental Fluorosis Safety). The kids that age 8 years and younger are the targeted ones and are at risk because thats when permanent teeth are growing under the gums. The teeth often have separated white flecks, frosty edges, or white spots that are hard to spot by dentists (Dental Fluorosis Safety).

Communities of low-income population have high levels of tooth decay, that have been fluoridating their water for years. Extensive poverty, scarce nutrition, and no access to dental care are some of the things that are causing tooth decay in many parts of the world. There have been many reports of several dental crises in low-income neighborhoods of US cities that have been fluoridated for more than 20 years Boston, Cincinnati, New York City, and Pittsburgh Tooth decay does not go up when fluoridation is not obtainable. The cities that fluoridation has not been obtainable, dental decay was not enlarged but slowly reduced over a period of time.

If there is no good from drinking fluoride then why are we swallowing it? When tooth decay is high in in low- income communities that have been fluoridating for a while it would be more beneficial for the government to give them free dental insurance to decrease tooth decay and not spend millions on fluoridating their water. The low-income families have the fluoridated water to drink. But Portland, Oregon did not fluoridate their water and the low-income families wouldn't have anything to take care of their teeth with. Unless the government gives them some sort of dental insurance.

Tooth decay was coming down before fluoridation started. Before water was even fluoridated in certain parts of the world research shows that the decay rates were declining. A lot of other components are accountable for the decrease of tooth decay and they have nothing to do with fluoridating water and forcing people to drink it

Fluoride assembles in the teeth, bones and the rest of your body. Healthy adult kidneys ejects 50 to 60% of the fluoride ingested each day (Connett). The rest of the fluoride assembles in the body, in certain tissues such as the pineal tissue and the bones. Infants and children lose less fluoride from their kidneys and take up to 80% of ingested fluoride into their bones (Connett). The fluoride assembles in the bones and stably increases over a lifespan not right away when you drink the fluoridated water.

The benefit of fluoride is risky. There is no need to swallow fluoride to decrease tooth decay. It would be better to take the fluoride in form of toothpaste then to swallow it and damage parts of the body. Since swallowing fluoride is nonessential, there is no reason to make people take in fluoride against their will. It is a medical treatment if the reason for adding it is to decrease tooth decay.

Portland Oregon, since 1956, rejected the plan four times, to add fluoride to their public water system (Hill). “The biggest United States study that was conducted, saw that the children drinking fluoridated water averaged only about half a cavity less than the children drinking unfluoridated water” (Connett). Most of the of the world has rejected fluoride and said it was ineffective to the body. Over 94% of the world’s population drinks unfluoridated water (12 Reasons). In Europe, only five out of 48 countries fluoridate, and European health officials have cited medical, effectiveness, and ethical concerns with it (12 Reasons). The people in Portland, Oregon and other countries that don't fluoridate could do other things to prevent tooth decay. Fluoridation is not a way to reduce the high cavity rates in the cities that have fluoridated their waters for a long time. In the city of Portland, To help protect childrens teeth, they should increase the access to dental care. “The Portland Metro Area untreated cavity rates are 21% which is below the average 29% by having better access to dental care and prevention Portland, Oregon could have a lower cavity rates by 2020” (12 Reasons).

The people that have disabled kidney are powerless to bone damage. People that can't discharge the fluoride are in great risk of getting huge amounts of fluoride in the body. The body then has a higher risk of getting a disease called skeletal fluorosis which is a bone and joint disease (Connett). This disease has an impact on millions of people in the cities of India, China, and Africa (Connett). It was detected that skeletal fluorosis was found in a lot of the people with kidney problems, the matter was studied by United States.

Fluoride can be a good and bad for you. depending on how much of it you get. If the amount of it is not too much it could possible prevent tooth decay. India, China, and Africa are some countries that have high levels of fluoride and can cause multitude disease (Connett). The cities have reasonably high levels of it, if they solve that issue it would give them a better reason why other cities in United States should fluoridate their public water too.

The thought of children being exposed to too much fluoride is scary. “After ten years, the children of Newburgh had 58% fewer decayed teeth than those of non fluoridated Kingston. The greatest benefits were obtained by children who drunk the fluoridated water since birth” (Sprague, Bernhardt, and Barrett). If the child does not drink fluoridated water since birth then there is only a small chance for it to do you any good. Newburgh and Kingston are examples of how fluoride doesn't work. It’s a coincidence that some countries that have fluoridated there waters for a while and have low tooth decay.

The way the conspirators try to make fluoride seem healthy for the body is crazy. “Favorite “conspirators” are the U.S Public Health Services, the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, and the aluminum industry. Apparently, in the minds of antis, these groups could all be working together to “poison” the American people!” (Sprague, Bernhardt, and Barrett). The way that the antis described what they are doing to the people makes me wonder what they say when they see the people suffering from kidney problems because of the fluoridated water.

Everyone deserves healthy teeth right? Water fluoridation has been shown to be much more damaging to teeth than it is health-promoting. I see why countries would add it to their waters because it will reduce cavities, but preventing cavities can be done many other ways and also help reduce the risk of many other diseases. It weakens bones and may interfere with many organisms (Connett). Portland, Oregon made a good decision to not fluoridate their water. There are plenty of studies that show when I say that fluoride is a cancer causing chemical. Fluoride should not be put into our water because there are other effective ways to prevent it, like toothpaste. If we are brushing our teeth with toothpaste regularly then we shouldn't add the fluoride that will slowly impact a lot of the rest of our bodies. Fluoride is the only chemical added our waters that most of us are forced to drink everyday.

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