Ben Moche, A Holocaust Survivor Essay

Ben Moche, A Holocaust Survivor Essay

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Ben Moche, a Holocaust survivor, was interviewed about his life and how the Holocaust changed his way of living. Grele stated that most interviews are not credible, however Moche’s interview refutes this with the way the interviewer and the interviewee interacted with each other.
In the interview with Moche and the interviewee, the questions they asked one another had a positive impact on how they interacted. At the beginning of the interview, both Moche and the interviewer seemed interested in assisting each other in acquiring the correct information from one another. When the interviewer asked about his name and how to spell it displayed that he was concerned about getting the correct information from Mr. Moche (Moche 0:34). This is crucial because it demonstrates that the interviewer wants to get the accurate information from him. Furthermore, it gave the interview credibility because the interviewer was making sure the information he received were correct. Grele stated, in his article Movement without Aim, “they and others do tend to ask the same ill prepared and badly formulated questions..”(Grele,39). However, in the interview with Moche, the interviewer would ask questions about what Moche was saying while he was answering the previous question. An interviewer should have formulated some questions to be prepared going into an interview. This proved that the interviewer had formulated some questions,but asked some follow up questions to obtain a better understanding of what he was saying. It is important to have both formulated and follow up questions because it lets the interviewee understand that the interviewer has some essential questions, but they are interested in obtaining more information than the basic ...

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...the interviewer. Him, counting on his hand and looks up shows that he was confused, but was trying his best to get the information to the interviewer (6:40). Moche’s body language throughout the interview was relaxed and comfortable. This adds more credibility to the interview because when a person is relaxed they, tend to remember more and are able to tell the precise information. It is important for an interview to get correct information because if not the interview is composed of lies and the interview loses its credibility.
The interview based on Moche’s life was done effectively because of how they collaborated with one another. It showed how oral history is important because you can still learn from interviews. Even though Grele believes that oral history is not credible, this interview was because of the collaborations the interviewer and interviewee had.

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