Ben Johnson's Life and Accomplishments Essay

Ben Johnson's Life and Accomplishments Essay

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When you think of British poets you quickly think of William Shakespeare. But, did you know that Shakespeare was not the only famous and successful play writer during his time? In fact, there were hundreds of famous British writers we do not hear about. One of Williams Shakespeare biggest competors was the successful Ben Jonson. Jonson was one of the most extravagant poetic that ever lived. He was known for his humorous plays, poems, and literary critics (
Ben Jonson was born June 11, 1572 in London, England ( He was born two months after his father’s death. Though he was without a father he still had the loving care of another parent. Johnson was raised in Westminster by his step farther. (Critical Guide p.3).His step father was a hard working man that laid bricks for a living. He tried his best to take care of the poor family. In other words Jonson was not the wealthiest man during this time. Under those circumstances, his father influenced him to become a bricklayer to help provide for his family (Critical Guide p.3).
Sooner or later Jonson got married. He married Anne Lewis on November 14, 1594 at the age of twenty two (“Cambridge Companion “).Later on Anne Lewis and Ben Jonson birthed a son and a daughter. He named his first born daughter Maria and his first son Benjamin. His firstborn
daughter Maria died in November 1593 (Companion 16-19). Maria was only six months of age when she passed away. Unfortunately, after his daughter’s death his son Benjamin died ten years later. Benjamin was said to have died of plaque. After his son’s death Ben Jonson left his wife and went on to pursue his life as a famous poet and play writer (Companion p.6).
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...Ben Jonson died August 6, 1637 in London, England. Jonson died on 6 August 1637 and his funeral was held on 9 August. He is buried in the north aisle of the nave in Westminster, with the inscription "O Rare Ben Johnson" set in the slab over his grave (

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