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The Belly Of The Whale Essay

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Henceforth, the next substep in the trials is The Belly of the Whale. Most of the time being in the belly of the whale is symbolic for when the hero faces their deepest fear when they are deep into the journey. When the hero is facing that fear, evil, or a source of despair, the hero is in the belly of the whale. Sometimes this stage can be literal and the hero may be in an actual belly of a whale, but generally speaking this stage is symbolic. Also, the darkness and sadness experiences by the grief that the parents feel is another example of being in the belly of the whale.
A Sacred Marriage is also experienced in the hero 's journey. A special connection with another character can symbolically represent a sacred marriage between the hero and the other individual. The marriage may also be an actual marriage between the hero and someone else, but it is most often a symbolic unity between two spirits. An example of a symbolic unity between souls is the sacred marriage between Jack with Jean, Barbara, and Martin. An example of a literal sacred marriage is the marriage between the husband and wife in "Do Not Go Gentle".
To represent the tranformation of the hero, the abandonment of the hero 's previous life needs to occur. This is called the Ritual Death or Dismemberment. A representation of this abandonment can either be the loss of a limb or the loss of something important in order to symbolize that abandonment and transformation of the hero. During the snake scene in Billy Jack, the snake bites represent the symbolic abandonment of his previous life by taking the steps to cross the threshold. Martin getting killed during the kidnapping as he tried to escape represents a ritual death. Finally, Barbara 's loss of her baby can al...

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...experiencing the apotheosis stage in the hero 's journey.
The Magic Elixir or Ultimate Boon is used to help the hero solve the problem that caused him to be set out on the adventure in the first place. The hero is then able to obtain this remedy through defeating trials and is in turn able to solve the problem. Chocolate thunder helped the family through the trials of grief, to return home and helped the child regain health in the short story. The ability of this tool to bring together the people of the hospital and help the parents solve the problem that was at hand and in turn complete the journey shows how Chocolate Thunder represented a magic elixir or ultimate boon. Also, when Jack turns himself in to protect the children and to keep the school running the agreements that were made helped serve as the magic elixir and helped Jack complete part of his journey.

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