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Bella Dental Advertising

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Dental hygiene is a widespread communal need that exists in the marketplace. We have created two great advertisements that will help your company, Bella Dental, increase traffic and raise revenue. As you will see in the print advertisement and internet banner, we combined the basic information you provided with further research we completed to ensure the advertisements created are the best match for your needs. For example, we found that 89% of Americans regularly visit a dentist, more specifically 92% in your area. We used these statistics along with additional research to compose the idea target market, position, creative concepts, executive mix, and message for Bella Dental. The advertisements clearly represent Bella Dental. Our goal for the advertisements is that the reader will seek dental service from Bella Dental rather than the competition.
Creative Concept
The name Bella Dental sounds feminine, therefore we thought it would be most effective to address the name Bella Dental and use it to attract and target more women consumers. Another reason to focus on women as the target market is because women are more hygiene conscious compared to men. Women are also easily attracted to the idea of healthy teeth, as women are more self-conscious. We selected light colored fonts to represent the warmth of the company, a soft background, and the ideal of a happy family to represent the creative concept of Bella Dental.
Yellow Page Hard Copy Print Advertisement
For the layout of the print advertisement we decided to incorporate the Mondrian grid in order to include pictures as well as text. The pictures were carefully selected using the target market. The text included was selected to provide the operational information and credible services.
The print advertisement body design is a combination of straight-sell and picture-caption combination. We have text explaining the services at the top and pictures to persuade the readers that Bella Dental patients have healthy smiles as illustrated. We broke down the text into two main sections. The top section includes the offered services and the lower section is informational describing the equipment, friendly staff, insurance and credit support, and referral programs.
The visuals as well as the attention getter are two pictures of families representing all ages and a couple representing healthy smiles. By using real photographs instead of diagrams the reader can relate more easily. When the reader sees real people with real smiles, assuming that they are patients of Bella Dental, provides a user benefit approach.

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We placed the two pictures on opposite edges, information on the opposing edges, and the Bella Dental log in the center.
The color scheme is light tones of blue, green and purple. The lighter colors represent relaxation or calm which helps to convey the message that "Bella Dental is Gentle." We selected lighter tones to prevent eye strain that could be an effect of bright and bold colors.
We highlighted your flexible schedule that including Saturdays with a a subhead in a screaming yellow bubble. This is an important advantage to highlight as many businesses are not open on Saturdays so we wanted to draw attention to this point. The screaming yellow box is on the top right side of the advertisement. This position will grab attention at first glance. We also put one of your slogans, "Happy Teeth, Happy Family" on the top near the subhead so that readers will have a positive impression right away.
The dominating part of the advertisement is the center. This is where your logo is located for company recognition. Also in the center we named your certified physicians, contact information, and accreditations.
The overall visualization should: create a favorable impression, emphasize features by emphasizing text and the unique use of colors, qualify readers by providing real photographs, capture attention with the slogan and flexible availability, and also identify the trail close with the advantages presented and contact information following.
Website Banner Advertisement
We included the same pictures, color schemes, and logo for the website banner advertisement that we used in the hard copy print advertisement. Since the website banner cannot fit as much information compared to the print advertisement, we chose select services to be included to best qualify and relate the reader. The logo is very noticeable in this advertisement because we want to make your company name known and well remembered to the readers. We realize that internet users may not look at all of the details on the advertisement. For this reason we only selected the important items. The telephone number and a link to your primary website is also on the banner advertisement on the right side for easy accessibility for further questions. All the services offered, accepted insurances, scheduling flexibility, and all ages welcome is listed with check mark bullet points to show that Bella Dental is accommodating.
Although the advertisement is targeted at women readers, the advertisements will also attract other family members due to the products and services. The initial approach is women but as in the slogan, "Happy Teeth, Happy Family." Women are encouraged to invite their whole family to visit Bella Dental. Promotional services will make this possible by advertising the referral discounts and family discounts given by the company regardless of if the client is insured or not. We also wanted to focus on your 15% discount for the first visit and $20 off certificate for the refer a friend promotion. In addition, we used transformational advertising by using the slogans, "Happy Teeth, Happy Family" and "Bella Dental, We are Gentle" and by defining the overall positive outcome of having their teeth cleaned by Bella Dental.
Competitive Advantage
When it comes to competitive advantage, we mentioned the fact that Bella Dental uses the newest technology, has long time professional experience, and accepts a wide range of insurance companies. Your up to date high tech machines create added value to your services. This can be more attracted and dependable to help encourage patients to come. Additional to the high tech equipment, Bella Dental's doctors and staff are experienced and certified within their field. The advertisement also pushes the fact that Bella Dental offers alternative financial payments such as credit support that is beneficial to patients without insurance coverage. Highlighting these points shows how you offer your patients the best possible care for their teeth.
Since Bella Dental is located in the Bay Area we recommend publishing the hard copy yellow page print advertisement in all areas in which the Yellow Pages Directory is available. The internet banner advertisement can be widely used once you expand your locations. Although the print advertisement was made specifically for the Yellow Pages Directory, it is also modeled so that it can be used in local magazines, mailers, and on neighboring medical office bulletin boards.
In our research we found that the best time to reach dental patients is during the fall and spring months. Dental offices are generally busier during these times because patients are more prone to put off doctor visits the common summer vacation months. With this information in mind, we recommend that you do the majority of your advertising around the fall and spring months.
The advertisements we have created for Bella Dental are a perfect match to your target market, creative concept, and message. We are confident that your advertisement strategy will be highly successfully with the advertisements we created.
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