The Bell Tolls for the Educational System in Turkey Essay

The Bell Tolls for the Educational System in Turkey Essay

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What is the groundwork of education system either teaching or learning? Nowadays, lots of experts debate on this compelling question. The traditional education system has been inquiring for decades in Turkey. In consideration of Turkey is the typical sample for teaching-based method Turkey’s mechanical system is criticized intensively. When we consider total proceeds of teaching- based method, we are encountering below average achievements in Turkey. Educational system in Turkey based on mechanistic approach hence teachers focus on efficiency and they only appreciate for exam results, test scores and individual performance. Probably, the most obvious clue for mechanistic approach is centralized placement examination for entering university. According to this exam you have to answer to questions directly related to text books, you have to memorize lots of formulas, you have to obey too rigid curriculum. After all nobody expects creativity, open discussion and originality for academic success. However, Turkey’s perception of education shifts from the traditional towards the new culture of learning. Progressive and contemporary circumstances of twenty-first century’s requirements are technology integration, exploration, participation, questioning and lifelong learning for these reasons Turkey should abandon a traditional system as soon as possible.
When we compare a traditional and new culture of learning system, we notice two contrary educational patterns. A traditional system defines as teaching- based method. For this method, the most significant point is efficiency therefore we may describe that method as a mechanic approach. Machines are designed to provide maximum efficiency thus teacher’s expectations from students are to lear...

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...nology integration, participation, critical and imaginative way of thinking together with engagement within the world. All these facilities are requirements of the twenty- first century. If Turkey persists with a traditional system, Turkey cannot meet twenty-first century expectations in the future. For these reasons the bell tolls for the educational system in Turkey.

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