The Bell Cafe - Original Writing Essay

The Bell Cafe - Original Writing Essay

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The sound of the bell ringing as I enter Bell Café is one that brings me small joy in my life in Silverdell. Being away from my mother is a big plus, but the food at Bell Café was the icing on top. It being this close to my aunt’s home was nice too. I found my usual seat at the booth next to a window and sat down. Before I could open my purse, Toni was hovering next to me, ready to take my order.
“Will you have the usual?” She asks me, her voice solemn. Her eyes were energized though, as they usually were when I saw her. According to rumors she avoided people’s eyes and avoided talking to anyone. The other waiter often thought Toni was afraid of people, but I had different ideas. She always lingered around me, close by when I visited. She made small talk, and looked me in the eyes. Either the rumors were false or I was just the one person she was comfortable with.
“I’m actually going to try something different. What do you recommend Toni?” I ask her, looking up at her brown eyes which dart away from mine.
“I’d say, the meatloaf and mash potatoes is good, with a side salad of course,” Toni tells me as she puts her hands in her apron pockets. I sit back and think about how well Toni knows my eating habits, and then nod my head at her.
“I will go with your recommendation. A peppermint tea to drink please, hot.”
“As always,” Toni says with a slight grin. “Any desert?”
“You know; I’ll treat myself to a piece of lemon cake.”
“OK.” Toni then walks back to the order station to put my order in, and I then pull out the envelope in my purse and sigh, running my thumb across the bottom of it. I tell myself that it’s OK that most of the money will be gone in two days. It’s worth it all, but sometimes I just wish I was born to a different fami...

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...I’m glad that the bench we chose to sit at is covered, only small drops of water seem to spill through the small cracks of wood. Once I finish my beer I put the can in my bag and glance over to Toni who is already looking at me.
“You’re brave Teegan,” she says to me. Toni then gets up and hands me her empty beer can. “I’ll see you around, friend.”
“Thanks Toni,” I only say to her as she walks down to her complex. I watch her as she straightens her coat on her shoulders. I reach for my coat to do the same, and it’s then that I realize my coat is hanging loose and Melanie’s bite mark on my neck is exposed. Did she see it? I think to myself, repulsion starting to well up in my throat. But then I remember that even if she did… she still called me a friend.
Smiling, I get up and walk over to my aunt’s door, making sure to quietly enter the house as not to wake anyone up.

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