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Discrimination is a big issue today and has always been in our society. Many people see themselves so much better than others. They feel the need to judge others by their color, culture, tradition, gender and even age. Most people have been discriminated a few times before in their life including my self.
This story is about an African American being discriminated due to his race. There were three open slots for a company sponsored supervisor training program. The training program was designed to prepare potential supervisors for a supervisory position within the company. This training was offered only one time per year (“African American Discrimination”). In order to have a chance for the training program, the employees that were interested had to turn in their applications to their supervisor. The applications had to be in before the deadline. Each Department Manager would review those requests to see who qualified more. The Department Manager would then submit the number of candidates they had slots for to the Regional Manager for final approval (“African American Discrimination”).
Out of the three candidates that the Department Manager chose, one was an African American. The Regional Manager accepted two of the three candidates for the training program (“African American Discrimination”).The African American candidate was not accepted to the program. In fact the Regional Manager replaced that slot with a Caucasian male from that department that had not submitted a written request at all. They went on to say that the Department Manager should have reviewed the candidates more thoroughly and given more consideration to all the aspects of the candidate including their background and personal life (“African American Discriminat...

... middle of paper ... first, but in the end she accepted me after a lot of arguing. I’ve never seen my parents so angry.
In conclusion I believe discrimination is always going to exist in some way. Whether is against race, religion or even gender. The only way we can make our world a better place, is only when we start seeing everyone as equal to us, nothing more nothing less. The only thing we can do if we are discriminated by others is to keep our head up high and smile. Be proud of what we are and where we came from.

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