Essay on Believe in Yourself

Essay on Believe in Yourself

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In the year 1975, I was in the sixth grade and my teacher Ms. Crabtree setup a field trip for my class to visit a well known writer and author by the name of Claude Bristol, who wrote the book, The Magic of Believing. This field trip left such an impression on me that it was the most memorable event I ever attended.
Claude Bristol’s main purpose for inviting my sixth grade class to attend his seminar was to explain the importance of belief in our lives. We were taught that belief has a major effect in our lives. This means that if we did not believe in ourselves our self esteem, motivation, and confidence would be affected in a negative way. Also, we were told that beliefs in our lives would affect the way we think about our environment and the people in our lives. Believing in ourselves gives us the ability to believe in God, who created us. Having beliefs (or a belief system) and faith in ourselves guides our path in our everyday living. Without beliefs, man would be without purpose and all alone in this world.
Mr. Bristol explained the steps we needed to take to achie...

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