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Believe in Love at First Sight Essay

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Well I use to believe that love couldn't be made at first sight. But yet now today I do think it happens. I will now share what I think love means.

Love is affection, devotion, passion, desire, warmth, respect or loyalty. You choose. It doesn't really matter which one because they are all forms of love. Some are powerful and demand attention while others are more subtle and just below the surface. In recent years, love has drifted from these subtle levels to the more noticeable ones, namely passion. In my opinion, our society downplays the real necessity for genuine affection. By this I mean that we, as a society, spend so much time focusing on only one level of love (passion) that we tend to neglect and not recognize the need for closeness and trust (friendship). Love is an all-encompassing emotion that can be powerful and demanding, but also rewarding and pleasurable.

Love is commitment. To love means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. Commitment can be called the backbone or building block of love. In other words, commitment is needed in order to build a stable and trusting relationship. Without commitment, love would not be able to grow and flourish. It can be extremely demanding on someone who isn't ready or sure that they want to commit to another person.

I do have to admit that sometimes this can be extremely difficult and may leave one feeling a bit vulnerable. Commitment is the ability to take a risk and to accept the possibility of disappointment or pain. Again, I have to agree that commitment can be demanding, but to look on the bright side, it can also be rewarding. To be able to stay in ...

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...t quench Love, nor floods wash it away." (Songs 8:7) Love is powerful and beautiful if one knows how to show and possess it. Granted it can cause problems, but it has answers too. To say that love is subjective would be an understatement, but in order to have it we must first look within ourselves.

Love is having compassion for others, sharing feelings and your life with another person, as well as, having faith in others and forgiving those we love for the any errs that they may make. Most of all, we must be committed to those we love. Of course, this is only my opinion. No matter how long I try to explain what love is ultimately it is up to you, the reader, to define what love is to you. So let me leave you now with the words of the great Humanist Erich Fromm, "Can anything be learned about the art of love, except by practicing it?"

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