The Beliefs That All Souls Come From God Essay

The Beliefs That All Souls Come From God Essay

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Philosophy Essay
The primary reason for going in favor of Saint Augustine because we share similar beliefs that all souls come from God, he explains how the soul is responsible for human’s free choice of will. This can validate that every decision an individual make are not judged off their surroundings or what they observe. I will explain how Augustine talked about his beliefs relating how God is not responsible for evil in a human soul, reasons why because of pre-existence of the soul already. This will make an individual wonder why certain actions they do may be looked down upon, but they feel no wrong in their actions. As ‘things’ that live and exist, we also possess an understanding making us ‘the self,’ human beings. Therefore, I am in favor of the Augustine definition of the soul because the soul is created and is also changeable.
The human soul plays a tremendous role in who we are as individuals, one of the main roles is the free choice of the will. A person’s will is what separates the good from the bad souls; informing that God is not responsible for evil soul, a human being decides who they want the self to become. Augustine talks about a person action on not willing to learn, with the decision to deny learning an individual may stray from the path of learning and do evil (Augustine). I will agree making a wrong decision can come from thinking that a certain task is challenging or complicated to achieve. For example, an individual may conclude that an upcoming exam is beyond their learning capabilities so they may choose to plagiarize off another person which can lead to trouble situations. Augustine stated that learning is something good because it comes from “to learn,” meaning it is impossible to learn evil (Augu...

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...e free choice of will created the self of an individual along with the ability to learn.
With provided evidence from Book I (The free Choice of Will) the problem with a soul turning evil was clarified that God did not create such thing. Every decision a human makes comes from the rejection of learning, which leads to the conclusion of some individual’s behaviors and why they will never find peace. Höchsmann provided evidence explaining how peace comes about, we must believe that God exists in order to become true with the self; this particular reason is why some individuals may never discover their true meaning of self, and will do nearly anything they can to create some form of peace. Augustine theories of the self is the foundation for human beings, therefore I believed my arguments have showed why Saint Augustine approach is effective about the creation of self.

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