Essay on The Beliefs Of Religion And Faith

Essay on The Beliefs Of Religion And Faith

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Recently, I visited a Buddhist temple to study more about their religion and faith. Personally, I am a Christian, and it was quite interesting to experience and learn the beliefs of a different religion. I was able to meet this amazing monk that passed on a lot of knowledge to me that I previously had no clue of. Buddhists believe that for nature there is no religion. They believe that humans are the ones who created religion to bring comfort in life. According to them, the main goal in practicing Buddhism is to understand clearly the truth about nature. Moreover, they also believe that people study religion in order to understand integrity and respect to other people. They believe that all religions are equal, and they teach humans to be good in order to bring peace, since no religion supports doing what is termed to be bad. For instance, no religion supports killing of human beings. Just like Christians, Buddhists stress to the fact that people should be very respectful to their parents since they are the ones who took care of them when they were young. In addition, they deem that ...

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